Overview of Zone diets, how they help you lose weight and other benefits. Learn more about zone diet and zone diet carbs.

What about the zone diet? Everyone has heard about Zone diets but not everybody seems to know exactly what it is. The Zone refers to a place where we feel our absolutely best, on top of the world.

Many people call this place, for example, the way we feel after exercise as "being in the zone" and this is how the name of the diet was coined. In this "Zone" we feel alert, refreshed, happy and almost always healthy and this is precisely the place that the zone diet can put you in.

The zone diet reviews the food and beverages a person consumes and separates it into three sections. The goal is to consume 30% protein, 30% fat as well as 40% carbohydrates.

Eating this way claims to be able to reduce cardiovascular disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

All of these diseases affect many Americans because the American diet is wrought with the overeating of carbohydrates as well as the general pro-fat and pro-cholestrol diet that unfortunately many Americans have grown up with their whole lives.

Organic products are recommended when using the zone diet although not absolutely necessary. The Zone Diet does its best to bring positive changes to your life overall, so getting organic vegetables might be something that you would want to consider.

The same is true with exercise levels in the zone diet as they are not always the same for everyone. Even though there is a thirty minute minimum, don't think that you will see much difference with only thirty minutes of exercise if you are a young person. Forty five or sixty minutes is much more acceptable.

Diets are not just temporary solutions to problems such as obesity. A diet should be viewed as a completely new lifestyle. It should be followed strictly and rigorously and if possible even if you reach your weight loss goal, you will want to continue with your system.

After all, you don't want to end up falling into the old bad habits that got you to that point in the first place. And with a diet such as the zone diet, not only will you learn to eat in a healthier manner, but you will also learn to control your hunger level, which is a major reason why people overeat and are obese.

Insulin is another component of the zone diet. To burn fat, you have to lower insulin levels according to the Zone diet. It is necessary to lower the amount of insulin which inhibits the release of fat that has been stored by the body for later use.

In other words, the less insulin you have in your body, then the more successful you will be with your ultimate weight loss goal. Also keep in mind that the more aerobic your exercises are, the more successful you will be in losing weight and building muscle through exercise.

The typical American diet actually increases the risk for all of these different problems, and the Zone diet does its best to contradict this way of thinking and dieting.

The Zone diet's metabolic levels actually fights inflammation, so it is entirely possible to experience muscle and joint pain relief all around the body.

The Zone diet recommends eating a set portion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in such a way that the body will actually burn more calories as opposed to remaining sedentary. Zone diets do not recommend that you eat fewer calories than you are consuming at the moment, just different ones.

The book has a more complicated and exact measurement of what to eat, which is why to truly understand all of the stages of the diet the book itself should be purchased. It is fairly cheap and available in most bookstores around the country or on the internet at various distributors.

Whole grains, organic fruits and even legumes constitute what you will be eating for the carbohydrate part of the diet. Following the zone diet is by no means an excuse to go out and eat bad carbohydrates filled with trans fatty acids.

As for protein, you should only have enough protein to fit into the palm of your hand. White meat chicken or turkey are great sources of protein just make sure to only eat the allotted amount at every meal.

Books and cookbooks about Zone diets, about Zone diet and Zone diet carbs

A Week in the Zone Diets: A Quick Course in the Healthiest Diet for You by Barry Sears and Deborah Kotz.

You should be eating twice as many carbohydrates from healthy sources as you should protein.

Make sure NEVER to overeat when on the Zone diet as the entire point of this diet is to moderate your eating habits until they are healthy and balanced!

If you slip up once or twice, then of course you should continue the diet. But if you continuously get off the recommended course, you'll have to start the diet all over again.

Mastering the Zone Diets - The Next Step in Achieving Super Health and Permanent Fat Loss by Barry Sears and Mary Goodbody

ZonePerfect Cooking Made Easy with Zone Diets by Gloria Bakst and Mary Goodbody

Lose weight, improve your energy levels with Zone diets and Zone diet carbs cookbooks. Lots of recipes, with tasty and balanced meals for your entire family.

If you do choose to have some not-so healthy carbohydrates, then you can have them, but in VERY SMALL QUANTITIES! I cannot stress this enough, one bagel with a touch of cream cheese is a sufficient amount of bad carbs and an acceptable one.

Zone Diets Perfect Cookbook by Kristy Walker

This cookbook contains recipes for anyone interested in weight loss, good health, Zone diets and Zone diet carbs. Learn more with this book.

The recipes are conveniently designed with two chefs into three cooking methods to fit all lifestyles. Now there's a quick, easy, and delicious way to eat the Zone diets perfect way!

Bread and bagels should always be whole grain if possible and of course fruits such as papaya, banana and others high in potassium and carbohydrates should be eaten in moderation. You even have to be careful when drinking fruit juices... some are extremely high in sugar.

Even when balanced with vitamins and minerals, too much sugar merely adds weight as well as greatly depressing the immune system. This opens you up to all sorts of problems, primarily bacterial and viral infections.

Saturated fats are for the most part not looked upon well with the Zone diet and if you overdo your eating of olive, canola, sunflower oils or macadamia nuts and avocados, then don't be surprised if the Zone diet doesn't give you the desired effect that you want.

Grains, breads, pasta and white rice are completely off limits and should never be eaten under any circumstances.

This is because they release glucose quickly and this causes insulin levels to rise quickly which makes it much more difficult to get to a desired weight.

Omega-3 an ingredient present in fish oil and it is an important part of the zone diet.

Omega-3 has been proven to promote better heart health and overall stop the onset of heart disease in adults and children alike. The immune system also benefits greatly from Omega-3.

Omega-3 is the second tier of the pyramid on the zone diet and without this very important nutrient, the zone diet would be impossible.

Omega-3 is a healthy oil which has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and also to keep away diseases such as Diabetes Type 1 and 2 as well as lower blood pressure levels.

Dr. Sears is the creator of this diet. You might consider reading also about the South Beach Diet because of your particular body size, height or age that you might have different restrictions than other people.

Certain high-fat products such as ice cream are allowed...you guessed it, in moderation. The allotted amount for ice cream is a much smaller serving size than anything else on the diet.

Only about half a cup daily should be consumed. Many people on the diet feel that even half a cup is pushing it however.

Dr. Sears spent about fifteen years researching the best combination for optimal health as well as weight loss before he came up with the desired formula which he called the zone diet.

Dr. Sears mainly studied bio-nutrition and while no clinical trials exist to substantiate the diet, many different stories as well as stories from highly paid athletes are included in the book.

Most of these stories are positive stories regarding how the Zone diet got these people in the Zone and helped them to change their lives.

Dr. Susan Roberts, the head of the weight regulation program at Tufts University as well as a medical doctor and a psychiatrist, feels that the zone diet is the best diet if your overall goal is weight loss and living a healthier life.

Roberts does feel that the Zone diet overlooks some things such as the caloric density of food, but overall feels it is a fairly effective diet.

Roberts doesn't agree with the fact that the diet allows things high in saturated fact such as ice cream but doesn't feel that it will get in the way of anyone's weight loss goals. However, it should be dealt with carefully.

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