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Probably one of the most revolutionary and innovative diets around has been created by Barry Sears PHD. This diet strives for maximum weight loss as well as a much healthier lifestyle altogether.

No meal or snack is forbidden in the Zone Diet and yet you can lose weight or fat while using his approach. His approach is based on ensuring an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and losing weight as well as having normal hormone levels.

With a food plan comprising an accurate and balanced ratio of carbohydrates (40%), fat (30%) and proteins (30%) - you actually get to eat a wide variety of foods which control your body’s insulin production.

This means you will not produce so much insulin that can keep you from losing weight.

For people who are also worried about cardiovascular problems and the many diseases related with them, worry not.

The Zone Diet actually combats many of these health issues including high blood pressure, inflammation and even things as serious as diabetes can be guarded against if you follow the Zone Diet's acceptable list of foods.

The Zone diet is a low carbohydrate plan. This means that you have to stick to the low carbohydrate meal plans and you definitely will be consuming more protein and vegetables and little refined carbohydrates.

When eating a meal using the zone diet guidelines, you shouldn't be eating anymore than about five hundred calories per meal.

The Zone Diet puts a lot of emphasis on the amount of calories that we take in and at the end of the diet, anyone using the system will be much more aware of the acceptable amount of calories that people should be having during every meal.

Even snacks are fairly regulated and even if you want to enjoy your favorite snack, make sure to only eat one hundred calories worth which is the alloted amount for snacks on the zone diet.

The Zone diet isn't simply for people who have the desire to lose weight, it helps people with things such as mental clarity, basic muscular inflammation and a higher level of energy than they had before.

All of these things combined with weight loss make the Zone diet an extremely desirable form of eating food.

This diet is also created to reduce hunger and the desire to eat. Many times reducing hunger is the most important part of the diet because someone eating something they shouldn't really ends a diet quite quickly.

Certain foods are encouraged by the Zone diet and other foods are merely accepted. You should try to eat the encouraged foods as much as you can when you are preparing your meals.

Fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, leafy green vegetables with enough protein consumed to satisfy yourself. Also drink eight to ten glasses of water daily for optimal weight loss. Make sure to not use too much dressing if you are preparing yourself a salad from the green vegetables.

When you eat a large amount of carbohydrates, then the body begins to produce insulin to break down carbohydrates.

The overproduction of insulin actually makes your body store food calories, going into survival mode - unsure if it will ever get a meal again. Those carbohydrates that seemed harmless are converted into artery clogging fats.

Limiting the kinds of carbohydates that you'll eat will greatly reduce the bodies production of insulin. And eating 3-4 ounces of protein during every meal can actually counteract this process because the protein slows the body's production of insulin.

This protein and vegetable mix will control your hunger daily, thus stemming the bodies creation of insulin and allowing you to lose weight naturally and without having to starve yourself or eat things that you don't enjoy.

The Zone diet creator is of the opinion that many other diets that focus mainly on stemming caloric intake completely overlook the bodies hormonal reactions to certain foods and methods of eating.

In fact, Barry Sears believes that these diets based on low-fat and caloric intake actually make the body begin to produce more insulin which can only lead to more weight gain.

The different kinds of carbohydrates available for consumption should be about twice the amount that you eat for protein. The only kinds of carbohydrates that should be eaten should be the most natural and non-refined carbohydrates that you can find.

You are allowed two snacks, one in the late afternoon accompanied by one in the late evening. Also keep in mind that when you have a snack, you are only allowed to have 100 calories worth, so make sure to find something that sticks to these guidelines.

Dairy products are a very touchy subject with the zone diet, primarily because many dairy products have been shown to increase the body's overall production of insulin.

In particular this is because of how quickly dairy products release glucose into the bloodstream. Egg whites and egg substitutes are preferred to eating normal eggs, at least for the amount of time that you plan to use the Zone Diet.

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