What is Xzite and what are the herbs used in this womens formulation?




Xzite is the female sexual enhancement dietary supplement. The primary herbs in it are these three natural Chinese herbs:

Ligusticum wallichi
Acanthopanax Gracilistylus
Chrysanthemum Morbifolium

Ligusticom Wallichi, often called "lovage" according to the folklore of many Asian countries, has been the principal ingredient in love potions for centuries to improve sexual health. It is widely used in women's blood tonics as an herb that helps improve blood circulation.

Acanthopanax Gracilistylus is commonly called, "spiny panax". The word, acanthopanax, is derived from the Greek words akantha (thorn), pan (all) and akes (remedy). In other words "a spiny/thorny all remedy" that led to it being commonly used as a panacea herb.

The Chinese have used acanthopanax for hundreds of years to treat male impotence and decreased sexual desire in women.

Chrysanthemum Morbifolium, a plant of Chinese origin, has also been prescribed by the Chinese for hundreds of years to improve and increase blood circulation.

It is believed that it stimulates the medulla oblongata, the posterior part of the brain, which is thought to be the part of the brain that regulates moods and emotions.

The three herbs in Xzite may act synergistically to increase the blood flow to the woman's genital area and result in muscle relaxation by:

• acting as a precursor to nitric oxide
• increasing nitric oxide production
• increasing sexual arousal
• facilitating and increasing micro vascular circulation by acting as a vasodilator
• increasing clitoral engorgement
• assisting in promoting a relaxed state of mind
• increasing vaginal lubrication
• increasing sexual arousal as well as increasing the ease of achieving orgasm(s)

Editor's Note - as for buying this product, there was a primary source in the United States for Xzite. As of the fall of 2008, however, it was no longer available from the supplier.

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