Why is womens fitness so crucial for womens health?

Womens fitness seem to have different meanings for women in general. While most women know that exercise produces a favorable result, some of us are so busy with daily shores, family, work and careers, that we have very little time to relax and for physical activity.

Excessive exercise is not recommended for anyone. Moderate exercise levels are beneficial and they reduce stress levels.

It does not matter what lifestyle you had in the past, what is significant are the changes you are willing to make to have a healthier lifestyle. And womens fitness and proper diet should be included in your list.

Absence of women's fitness can mean an increased risk of health conditions such as:

• Heart disease and poor circulation,
Arthritis and weaker bones,
• Deficient respiratory tract,
• Anxiety and depression,
• Cancer and fragile immune system,
• Obesity, and water retention,
• Lack of energy, and
Hormone imbalance.

Obesity, stress and elevated cortisol levels for example, have been linked to breast cancer, infertility and the female reproductive system.

All our muscles and bones, function better when our body moves, exercises and stretches regularly. The same applies to our organs, lymph and circulatory system. With exercise you will be able to produce dopamine and higher levels of serotonin...which improves depression and anxiety.

Inactivity can result in bone loss throughout the skeleton. If you ride your bicycle, lift weights, jog, play tennis and do a great deal of walking your bones will become very strong. Stronger muscles will give you powerful bones.

Regular exercise will give you much improved health, reduce appetite, better mood, weight reduction and energy. With exercise you build muscle and lose body fat. Developed muscles are heavier than fat, so when you exercise you will lose inches but your weight may remain the same.

The #1 reason for a lack of women's fitness is the lack of any exercise. And a lack of exercise is one of the major factors in obesity.

And since estrogen is stored and made in body fat, this means that obese women will be estrogen dominant. You can read more about the symptoms associated with estrogen dominance here.

To exercise and improve womens fitness, what you choose to do should be fun, activity that YOU REALLY ENJOY! Why?

Because you'll tend to keep doing something that's FUN, as compared to activities that don't really interest you.

Varying your exercise routine can also help you stay interested. For example:

Walk two days during the week, use the treadmill and stationary bike twice weekly and do resistance-training exercises during the other days available, for example.

Doing the exact same workout everyday may not be very challenging. Many individuals need to push themselves to new levels and try different activities to stay enthusiastic and excited about their workouts. Whatever exercises you do, try to do it at least 3-5 times a week.

Schedule this time for yourself just like other important activities. Gardening, raking leaves, shoveling snow, working out on the treadmill, stationary bike, walking, swimming, cross training, playing with your kids or pets...keep moving, and enjoy. Don't let other responsibilities interfere with your achieving women's fitness.

In addition to beginning to exercise, another women's fitness step you can take is to increase your daily water intake.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day is one of the best health measures you can give your body. So many of the body's functions depend on the body being adequately hydrated.

Unfortunately, tap or well water in the U.S. and other countries, contains far greater levels of chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and other chemicals than is healthy. These substances have been associated with increased cancer risk.

The most logical solution is to have your own water filter to use for your drinking and cooking water. A quality water filter both gives you great water and it does so at a cost that is much less than bottled water.

Reward yourself by beginning to exercise regularly and drinking clean water. You'll enjoy how you feel, and you'll notice that you sleep better, which means you'll have more energy and less health problems.

Read more about the benefits of exercise and weight loss! A woman's body is built for activity! All the body's systems - organs, bones, circulation, muscles and state of mind - functions better when the body is moved on a regular basis.

How much exercise and movement leads to womens fitness?
You don't have to join a gym to get enough exercise. More and more women are choosing an at-home solution to women's fitness.

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