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Excess estrogen does not help libido and womens sex health. The only two hormones that support libido in women are progesterone and testosterone. According to author and family physician Dr. John R. Lee, progesterone should be the first hormone to be used to improve libido and womens sex health.

Natural progesterone cream supplementation is especially helpful because progesterone is a building block — your body converts it into the derivative hormones it needs, as it needs them, whether that’s cortisol, estrogen or testosterone. Improvement may be relatively quick or can take a month or more, but it will be a long-lasting improvement.

If your doctor recommends testosterone, just be aware that slightly high levels can have masculinizing effects and can make libido more intense than most women might want.

Testosterone is one key player in your sex drive: it affects interest, arousal, sexual response, lubrication and orgasm. And many women in perimenopause don’t have enough testosterone.

Your testosterone comes primarily from your ovaries, both directly and indirectly via their production of progesterone, which serves as a building block for many hormones, testosterone among them.

DHEA, a hormone from the adrenal glands, also partly converts into testosterone, and stress diverts DHEA into cortisol instead of testosterone. Moreover, all of these hormones have their beginning as cholesterol — another problem with America’s obsession with fat-free diets.

Estrogen deficiency can cause vaginal dryness and atrophy, which can make sex painful. The drop in estrogen can also create thinning, tightening, and dryness in the vulva and vagina.

These changes can lead to such discomfort that some women come to dread sex because of the pain. In that case, a little bit of vaginal estrogen natural cream (natural estriol) used 2 or 3 times a week usually solves the problem. You can read more about natural estrogen here.

As for testosterone levels and womens sex health, Dr. Lee observes that testosterone production depends on sufficient progesterone levels in the body. In the healthy human body, progesterone converts into another form of progesterone, which converts into androstenedione from which testosterone is made.

If progesterone levels are too low - common today with women in their 30's and older - low testosterone in women may be the result and is one of the primary causes of womens sex health being poor.

For women with low testosterone, Dr. Lee recommends first using natural progesterone cream supplementation for several months, using dosages in the same amounts as what the body would normally produce.

Dr. John R. Lee found that natural progesterone supplementation often solved the problem of low testosterone, low libido and womens sex health.

While low testosterone in women is one problem, excessive testosterone can also cause problems. Read more about both high and low testosterone and womens sex health.

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