Learn more about womens health issue information.

Womens health issue - it's a legitimate concern to want to know more about womens health issues and the latest findings affecting health.

With the Women's Health Initiative results and conclusions in 2002 and continuing today, more and more women are questioning what happens with synthetic prescription drugs and their health.

Below are helpful resources on a variety of issues - enjoy!

Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement by Dr. Jonathan Wright and Lane Lenard.

Dr. Wright has been treating patients and writing about bio-identical hormone therapy for decades.

We editors have personally reviewed this outstanding book and can highly recommend it.

This physician writes about the latest science, the findings on therapy safety along with examples of the successes achieved by many using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

The 30-Day Natural Hormone Plan - Looking & Feeling Young Again Without Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy by Dr. Erika Schwartz.

Doctor Schwartz is a practicing physician who is a specialist in the correct use of bio-identical hormones.

She gives a one-month program - relying on natural hormones to address the common symptoms of menopause like lower libido, bone loss, poorer sleep quality and depression that so many women experience.

Dr. Schwartz defines the synthetic hormone replacement therapy womens health issues and how their use can interfere with the normal body functions.

Instead of attempting to use synthetic prescription drugs, Dr. Schwartz suggests that you find a doctor that has been schooled in bio-identical replacement therapy so that you can create your own individual treatment program.

And besides dealing with ones hormone levels, she has specific recommendations for both diet and exercise considerations. What is so great about her program is that it has been designed to be introduced on a gradual basis into your lifestyle.

An example is that changes to ones diet should be done over a several weeks time frame, not all at once. And reducing the consumption of processed foods, sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol are slowly dealt with so that the transition to a healthier diet is not so severe.

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