Taking a womens health clinic hormone balance test or hormone imbalance quiz can tell you what you need to do...

A womens health clinic hormone health test will ask you what your symptoms are, then provide you with information about what those symptoms can mean.

Does such an online test exist?

Fortunately, YES!

Harvard-trained family physician and author Dr. John R Lee has created an online test for women (and men) and you can access it here.

Just as a womens health clinic would function, you would need to indicate what your symptoms are and then you would read what Dr. Lee's observations would be about those symptoms and why those symptoms are being experienced.

By taking the Hormone Balance Test or Hormone Imbalance Quiz - your symptoms can tell you what may be causing health problems...

Are your symptoms indicating a progesterone deficiency? Or do you possibly have a deficiency of estrogen? Perhaps the problem is more related to an excess of estrogen or even estrogen dominance.

Besides these categories of hormone-related symptoms, Dr Lee includes two other groups of hormones - too much of the androgens (male hormones) or a deficiency of cortisol and what symptoms indicate this condition.

Important Note - do remember that the information contained in this online hormone balance test is not meant to replace your relationship with your qualified health care professional.

The test is not intended as medical advice, instead, its use by you means you are only being provided information about general guidelines for determining the underlying cause of your hormone imbalances symptoms.

You are highly encouraged to make your personal health care decisions in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

If you would like to find a holistic or naturopathic doctor in your state, a link is provided further down this page with a search capability...more on this later.

Ready for Dr Lee's hormone test? Are your symptoms possibly related to hormone imbalance?

Take the Hormone Balance Test by Dr Lee here.

Whether you want to eliminate PMS and early signs of menopause, premenopause and menopause symptoms, want to stop HRT or just want to get your health and energy back, you can use Dr. Lee's womens health clinic online hormone health test or hormone imbalance quiz no matter where you live in the world.

Once you've taken the Hormone Balance Test or Hormone Imbalance Quiz, you can either continue reading any related articles on Dr Lee's site or you can return here.

Are you searching for a womens health clinic near you that is trained in bioidentical hormones therapy? A holistic doctor or a naturopathic doctor may be who you are searching for.

A holistic medical doctor uses a unique blend of conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. A holistic doctor incorporates one or more types of complementary medicine into their medical practice. This complementary medicine could be acupuncture, herbal therapy or homeopathy, for example.

Naturopathic physicians are medical doctors that work to restore and support the body's systems by using medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

A naturopathic physician will prefer treatments which keep the risks of harmful side effects at a minimum. They are trained to know which persons they can treat - they also know which patients should be referred to other health care providers.

There is a website that does provide excellent holistic MD and naturopathic doctor searches by state that you can use.

Go here to search for holistic MD's and naturopathic doctors by state.

Just choose the type of natural doctor you are looking for and also select the state that you want.

A common online search is for - hormone health web site. If you're searching for a hormone health web site, you've found it here. You too can benefit from taking an online womens health clinic test created by Dr. Lee.

Another common online search is for menopause symptoms treatments holistic treatment and information. You can find a womens health clinic that is a menopause symptoms treatments holistic center.

Take advantage of Dr Lee's menopause symptoms treatments holistic hormone test to see what your particular symptoms and conditions may mean.

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