Wild yam is not progesterone!

Using wild yam root is a natural approach that can help women at menopause relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Some women may wonder if wild yam menopause should be used for their hormone imbalance symptoms. Wild Mexican yam (Dioscorea villosa) contains relative large concentrations of diosgenin, which can be converted into natural progesterone in the laboratory.

Using wild yam menopause for hormone imbalance may enhance your sense of well being but it may not be effective with your menopause symptoms.

Wild yam side effects may be rare but wild yam is known to improve PMS, menstrual cramps and is known to regulate you menstrual periods.

Benefits of wild yam during premenopause and wild yam benefits for women during menopause is something you should understand.

One important note is that not all products with wild yam extract contain progesterone.

Some suppliers and other products will advertise that they contain "wild yam extract", which is progesterone. Well, this is not true...wild yam extract is called diosgenin. And diosgenin is NOT progesterone and will not increase your progesterone levels!

Diosgenin is the precursor to progesterone and the other hormones, but there is no evidence that the human body converts diosgenin to hormones like progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.

Diosgenin is recently being produced from soybeans, which is one of the largest crops in the USA. Another word of caution...creams that contain progesterone but also contain mineral oil...will prevent the progesterone from being absorbed into the skin.

Pharmaceutical companies control medicine today and they bombard women and men with their advertisements promoting their great pills and their list of serious side effects.

Synthetic progestins are not natural progesterone and have dangerous side effects.

According to Dr. John Lee, to produce synthetic progestins - pharmaceutical companies buy natural progesterone which is derived from yams and soybeans, and then chemically alter its molecular formula.

This molecular shape is not found in nature, but it can be patented and therefore is much more profitable.

Most synthetic drugs consistently show that separating the so-called active ingredient from the rest of the plant to create other substances not found in nature almost always creates harmful side effects. Science has not been able to duplicate efficiently in synthetic drugs what natural substances can do.

Progestins are less safe for women because of side effects and health consequences!

When women use bioidentical progesterone for menopause symptoms and hormone imbalance, the body can use or eliminate natural progesterone as needed and more quickly because this supplement is identical to that which occurs in the body.

The synthetic progestins, on the other hand, are not well processed by the body and have side effects for some women.

The activity of the progestins are prolonged, creating contraindications and adverse reactions in the body that DO NOT occur with natural progesterone and bioidentical wild yam menopause.

Synthetic progestins are also used in contraceptive pills. "How does this hormone that is so crucial to the survival and development of the embryo in pregnancy act as a birth control pill?"

"During each monthly cycle, several eggs mature in the ovaries until ovulation occurs in one of them, creating the corpus luteum, which is responsible for an enormous surge of progesterone production.

This progesterone surge, as one of its effects, stops ovulation in the other ovary (which is the reason why fraternal twins are born only once for every 300 pregnancies)."

"If sufficient progesterone is provided prior to ovulation, neither ovary will produce an egg. This inhibition of ovulation was the original mechanism of action of progestin contraception."

Most synthetic drugs are man-made and not found in nature. Natural progesterone supplementation is identical to the molecule found in the human body.

Most drug companies are not interested in natural medicines as they can not be patented.

What they try to do, if they find a plant with medicinal value, is to isolate and transform the active ingredient.

The new molecule needs to be patented and these modifications are what causes the synthetic substance to have a wide range of side effects.

Bioidentical progesterone supplementation and benefits of wild yam menopause include, protection against endometrial cancer, protection against breast cancer, increases your sex drive, improves new bone formation and helps you with weight loss.

With natural progesterone supplementation, you can experience wild yam benefits like scalp hair growth, improved sleep patterns, migraines prevention and improvement with in vitro fertilization.

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