The Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon tastes great and is packed with healthy Omega 3 oils...and here is farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon health information...

When looking online for Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon or farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon information, that's great because you likely understand that there are major health differences in these two forms of seafood!

Healthy nutrition depends on knowing the differences, otherwise healthy nutrition is impossible. The Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon is harvested in the waters of the North Pacific. Any wild fish has more health benefits versus the farmed kind.

In the ocean, the Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon eat an all-natural marine diet rich in krill, shrimp and other natural fish foods.

It is these foods that give this fish its beautiful color, which ranges from pink to orange to red across differing species.

Contrary to the Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon from cold ocean waters, the majority of this kind of fish available in the USA today is the farmed version which is the one usually found in grocery stores, fish markets and restaurants.

These farmed fish are often artificially colored with added synthetic pigments to mask their unappetizing pale gray color. Understanding the differences in farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon means you will probably opt for the natural wild version.

The Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon is natural in its flavor, color and Omega-3 content while the same cannot be said of farm-raised. When your friends start to comment on the flavors of fine wines, you can come back with comments on the various flavors of wild salmon. Your friends will be breathless!

By contrast, farmed salmon are fed a diet that often includes antibiotics to grow larger and faster artificially, another of the differences in farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon.

Finally, the fish meal and fish oils fed to these farmed fish contain PCB's. The feed is designed to have high amounts of fish oil and is made up mostly of ground-up small fish.

PCB's are known to be concentrated in oils and fat and tests of farmed-salmon feed have consistently found contamination of PCB's.

PCB's are an industrial byproduct which have been identified as a probable human carcinogen.

A report from the Environmental Working Group describes that the PCB levels found in farmed salmon samples it purchased at retail were far higher than any other protein source - and regular consumption of PCBs can have consequences on your health.

It is clear that on every measure, the purity of the all natural, Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon simply cannot be matched. Wild Pacific salmon should be THE choice for your and your family!

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