What is endometriosis and which are the best endometriosis books? Here are the best suggestions for you...

What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is the condition whereby endometrial cells grow abnormally in the body's areas where that kind of cell growth is not supposed to be happening.

Below are examples of endometriosis books to consider for your convenience. Also learn more information about what is endometriosis and what to do about it.

Common areas for this kind of unwanted growth are within fallopian tubes, in the uterine muscles, on the uterus's outer walls, in the ovaries or pelvic organs or cavity, even in the colon or bladder.

When the menstrual cycle starts, menstrual blood flows into these cell growths which can then result in pain and inflammation.

There are several resources available to help one better understand this often serious condition including the information on this website as well as books authored by experts.

Endometriosis - The Complete Reference for Taking Charge of Your Health by Mary Lou Ballweg.

This endometriosis book covers a wide variety of topics related to managing this condition.

Endometriosis symptoms include various levels of pain, dysfunction of the immune system, problems related to infertility, even cancer and the autoimmune diseases.

Understanding how to take an active role is crucial to help manage these symptoms. Coverage includes the most current treatments, recommendations on changes in lifestyle, dealing with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Do You Really Need Surgery? The Guide to Hysterectomy and Other Procedures for Women by Michele C. Moore, Caroline De Costa, M.D.

Any proposed gynecologic surgery should include a patient's understanding of what are the indications, what are the risks and what results are to be expected.

The authors have over 50 years of combined experience in dealing a wide variety of women’s health issues.

Surgeries that are covered include hysterectomy, ovary removal and fibroid removal. How these procedures are performed is discussed along with the latest laparoscopic surgery that is minimally invasive.

Endometriosis - Natural and Medical Solutions by Ruth Trickey and Kaz Cooke.

For anyone suffering from endometriosis, this painful condition can be related to the menstrual cycle and infertility problems.

This resource includes discussions about what this condition is, strategies for diet, possible side effects of frequently prescribed medications and surgery expectations.

Learning about options for easing pain are explained, how to deal with swings in hormone levels, effective natural therapies and medical treatments are covered - endometriosis books.

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