How important is water to my health?
Why should I buy and use a water filter?

Water filter? Simply stated, you CAN'T be healthy without consuming several glasses of water per day! And a water filter is crucial for eliminating toxic metals... Your skin ages remarkably quickly without this level of adequate hydration.

And since most of life is consumption and elimination, you need to consume this amount of water to adequately "flush" your system of toxins which would otherwise build up and cause some level of discomfort or illness.

Few people understand that dehydration slows you down mentally AND physically!

It's important to realize the brain is about 75% water and muscles are about 60% water. So water is KEY to mental and physical activity.

Remarkably, the best way to slow down water retention is by drinking MORE water.

When your body is dehydrated, it hangs onto TOO MUCH water, which results in the appearance of a larger body size - a result most women DON'T want! Dehydration can cause an imbalance of minerals which will affect hormone balance.

Drinking several glasses of clean water each day is what the body needs to help reduce water retention, bloating and will help you prevent recurring kidney stones. Water glasses and a pitcher of water on the table are a MUST. Your FAMILY'S health DEPENDS on it!

Coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol are all MILDLY TOXIC!

WHY? - Because caffeine and alcohol cause you to expel more water than you should. Drinking soda causes you to lose water unnecessarily!

Water consumed before and between meals can help suppress the appetite! That's GOOD, yes?

Water aids in metabolizing fat, causing weight reduction. Water helps you clear waste and toxins from your body, and lowers your levels of histamines (which helps reduce allergic symptoms).

Finally - water plays a VITAL role in regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, removing waste, cushioning joints and protecting organs and tissues.

Tap Water ISSUES- Unfortunately, most tap water in many parts of the United States carries some level of pollutants and is not as safe to drink as it once was. You need a quality water filter for drinking and cooking water to remove chlorine, heavy metals, benzene, lead, mercury and bacteria.

A charcoal filter cannot remove the above.

Below, you'll see several sources of good water filter suppliers in different price ranges.

To review or to order a quality water filter, just select any of the direct links shown below. And many people will be surprised how much better filtered water tastes, compared to regular tap water.

Water Filters

Multi-Pure MP750SB NEWEST MODEL Under-Sink Water Filter - Includes Faucet

• Reduces Chlorine taste, chemicals, odors and makes your water delicious
Great Tasting Water. The filter provides better tasting water for drinking, beverages, and cooking.

PUR DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Dispenser

Pitcher Filtration System.

• PUR Water Filtration System

Reduces chemicals linked to cancer risk - TTHM's (Chlorination by-products), Benzene, TCE, Toxaphene.

• Reduces Lead, Chlorine (taste and odor only), Mercury and more.
• Automatic Safety Monitor filter life indicator.
• Removes 99.95% Cyptosporidium and Giardia.
• Filters up to 40 Gallons/151 Liters - approximately 1-2 months.
• Striking design fits any home decor.
• Convenient and easy to use

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