There ARE specific vitamins for thinning hair in women and vitamins for hair loss in women!

If you are searching for vitamins for thinning hair in women or vitamins for hair loss in women information, that's good news. That means you understand that there may be underlying nutritional and/or hormonal deficiencies causing the hair loss.

First, the hormonal issue. According to Dr. John R. Lee, Harvard-trained family physician and author of What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause, thinning hair, hair loss and hair regrowth in women can be caused by hormone imbalance.

Specifically, when progesterone levels fall in the body because of missed ovulations or follicle dysfunction, the woman's body responds by increasing its production of the hormone androstenedione.

This hormone causes some male-like characteristics in women such as male-pattern hair loss.

Again, according to Dr. Lee, when natural progesterone supplementation is used to raise progesterone levels in the body, the androstenedione levels will slowly fall and normal hair growth will resume. Hair growth is a slow process and it will be a few months before one notices new hair growing.

Natural progesterone cream supplementation, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins for thinning hair in women...

Total Balance Women's premium are the best vitamins for thinning hair in women. This daily nutritional supplement has high potency extracts proven to support the balancing of female hormones both before and after menopause.

These nutrients and daily vitamin supplements have been established in many clinical studies to help reduce the incidence of PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women experiencing menopause symptoms.

When taking vitamins, stomach acids can damage certain nutrients and herbal extracts which reduces the effectiveness of the supplementation.

By enteric coating the tablet, this then allows absorption to occur in the small intestine instead of in the stomach which will provide maximum effectiveness and nutrient availibility.

A high-quality supplement will contain a wide variety of other amino acids, herbal extracts and co-factors that are known to support the body's immune system and metabolic processes.

Thinning hair and hair loss are common symptoms experienced by women, especially women in their 30's and older. Deficiencies in vitamins and thinning hair in women are definitely related.

Spend some time on this site and understand the importance of hormone balance and supplementation that may be necessary for good health.

Omega-3 fish oil should be taken together with the multiple vitamins. Cold water or deep-sea fish is an excellent source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish caught in fresh water lakes or near the coastline in shallow water, is probably loaded with pesticides, mercury and industrial pollution.

These fish oil supplements will help you reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) on a daily basis is known to improve arthritis symptoms, lower triglycerides, improve depression and brain function.

Bioidentical Natural Progesterone Supplementation, Omega-3 fish oil and vitamins for thinning hair in women are the most effective way to eliminate hormone imbalance.

Using transdermal natural progesterone cream, that means that the cream is applied to the skin so that it can be absorbed into the layer of fat that lies beneath the skin.

The more progesterone deficient a woman is, the more readily it is absorbed.

Transdermal natural progesterone is absorbed and distributed throughout the body to eliminate hormone imbalance and premenopause symptoms.

As a woman, the nutrition that your body needs can change with different phases of life. Good health can require taking extra care in providing the body the proper nutritional support with high-quality vitamins for thinning hair in women.

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