Here are the very early symptoms of pregnancy that can be considered the first month pregnancy symptoms...

The very early symptoms of pregnancy that can be considered the first month pregnancy symptoms can be described by most women who have experienced a previous pregnancy.

Some women are very in tune with their cycle and can tell when they begin to ovulate, while others can't tell if it has happened at all. Many women can tell when the fertile part of their cycle is over.

For most women, there is a 72-hour time period when they are at their most fertile.

If conception happens, the first of the very early symptoms of pregnancy is simply that some women can tell the moment it occurs.

For others, the only way they find out is by getting a positive pregnancy test.

No matter how and when you find out, here are the common first month pregnancy symptoms that you may experience:

• 1- Missed menstrual period – one of the better known of the very early symptoms of pregnancy, not having a menstrual period, is the first clue for many women that they may be pregnant. A missed period may be the result of other reasons, however.

Stress, hormonal imbalance, illness or an adverse reaction to something in your system may also be responsible. To be a true very early symptom of pregnancy, a missed period must be taken into consideration with other symptoms.

• 2- Elevated body temperature – when you ovulate, it is normal for your body temperature to rise slightly.

Your morning temperatures will remain higher than before ovulation until it is time for your period to begin.

If it remains high longer than that, it can be considered another of the first month pregnancy symptoms.

• 3- Morning sickness – feeling nauseous in the morning is one of the common first month pregnancy symptoms and signs of conception. Unless it lasts for several days, it cannot be considered a reliable indicator. Nausea has so many other possible causes that are not related to pregnancy.

• 4- Tender and enlarged breasts – when conception happens, the body begins hormonal changes. Some hormones increase, some decrease. Your body takes awhile to get used to the changes caused by these hormonal fluctuations.

One of the changes that happens is a noticeable change in the shape and tenderness of the breasts. These changes will become less noticeable as the pregnancy progresses and your body becomes accustomed to the new hormone levels.

• 5- Frequent bathroom trips – one of the most common very early symptoms of pregnancy is having to urinate more frequently.

Some women even feel this urgency before their period is missed. This is also related to hormonal changes.

When the embryo implants, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is produced as soon as the embroyo is implanted.

This hormone has as one of its side effects having to urinate often. Later, the physical uterus weight in place on top of the bladder can put pressure on the bladder, resulting in the need to go often.

Before pregnancy has been confirmed, frequent urination could be a symptom of something else. Taking a home pregnancy test is the easiest way to confirm whether your symptoms are caused by being pregnant or not.

• 6- Fatigue – many women just feel tired during the first month of pregnancy. This symptom is hard to pinpoint as a side effect of pregnancy as opposed to being caused by some other problem. This fatigue can be attributed to the changing hormonal levels in the body. It gets better as your body adjusts.

• 7- Having the feeling you are pregnant – this is one of the first month pregnancy symptoms that may be the reason behind the research you are doing right now. Some women know exactly when conception occurred and they are proven right by a positive test.

Perhaps you just feel different than normal, or maybe you're more moody or you feel exhausted. If you can't trace it to any other reason, it could be that you're pregnant.

These are seven most common very early symptoms of pregnancy that women experience. Some women will only experience one or two of these symptoms while others will have them all. Once you think you have conceived, it is best to confirm it by taking a home pregnancy test.

There are many tests on the market today, and there is a great deal of variation in their reliability. Be sure to learn more about pregnancy tests so you can choose one that is known for reliable results.

Remember, the baby's health starts with the mother's health and her habits before conception and first month pregnancy symptoms even occur.

Conceiving a baby and having a healthy pregnancy is a wonderfully complex experience. Learn all you can about your fertility, getting pregnant and maintaining your health so your new baby will have the best beginning that you can make for them.

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