Here are the very early signs of pregnancy you should know...

The very early signs of pregnancy are something that most women remember. And when they try to conceive again, they will be comparing those very early signs of pregnancy with what they may be feeling currently.

Some women know when they ovulate, whether they chart and keep track of their cycles or because they always get the same cramping sensation when they ovulate. Other women don't have a clue when they ovulate. Women who keep track of their fertility signs will know when the fertile stage of their monthly cycle is over.

Generally, there's approximately 72 hours when a woman is at her most fertile time every cycle. Some women can tell immediately if they have gotten pregnant. Others spend countless hours wondering and taking home pregnancy tests to see if the symptoms they are feeling are really due to pregnancy.

Whichever category you fall into, here is a list of the very early signs of pregnancy you may feel in your first month following conception:

• 1. Missed menstrual period – this is the most obvious of the very early signs of pregnancy. By itself, however, missing a period may be a symptom of something else like stress, illness, a hormonal imbalance or a reaction to food or other substance that has been ingested.

To truly be considered one of the very early signs of pregnancy, a missed period should be accompanied by other symptoms as well.

• 2. Elevated body temperature – when you ovulate, it is normal for your temperature to increase slightly. It remains elevated through the luteal phase of your cycle until it is time for your next period to begin.

If your temperature remains high for eighteen days past ovulation, it can be considered a symptom of the first month of pregnancy.

• 3. Morning sickness – some women feel nausea in the morning (or any other time of the day) very soon after conception. Others don't feel this symptom until later, while some women don't get this symptom at all.

If you do experience nausea, unless it happens for several days, it is not a reliable symptom. Nausea can be caused by many other reasons than being pregnant.

• 4. Tender, enlarged breasts – once conception takes place, hormonal changes begin to happen. Your body will react to these changes in many ways. One of them is that your breasts may feel tender and may change in shape. Some women also feel this symptom before their period begins.

To count this tenderness as very early signs of pregnancy, it is more reliable if accompanied by some of the other early symptoms. The tenderness becomes less noticeable as your body gets used to the new flood of hormones.

• 5. Frequent bathroom trips – one of most common of the very early symptoms of pregnancy include making more trips to empty your bladder. When conception occurs, a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is produced. One of the side effects of this hormone is more frequent urination.

Like some of the other very early signs of pregnancy, frequent urination by itself is inconclusive. Frequent urination may be caused by other problems or circumstances. To be sure if you are pregnant, you need to confirm your suspicions with an easy test you can do in the privacy of your own home.

• 6. Fatigue – many women experience fatigue during the first month of pregnancy. This symptom is hard to diagnose on its own, however, because there are many other causes of exhaustion. The change in hormones may contribute to this lack of energy. By the second trimester, you usually feel more energetic.

• 7. Feeling that you are pregnant – while some people dismiss this feeling, it is what causes most women to begin searching for information about early symptoms. Some women seem to have the seemingly magical ability to know when conception has taken place.

Maybe you feel a little off, or different in some way. Maybe your moods are fluctuating, or perhaps you're more tired than usual and there is no other cause you can pinpoint.

These seven symptoms are the most commonly felt first month pregnancy symptoms in the vast majority of women. Some women will have all of these symptoms, while others may only have one or two. Once you have some of these very early signs of pregnancy, take a home pregnancy test to confirm if conception has occurred.

Some home pregnancy tests are more reliable than others. Learn more about testing for pregnancy and what kinds of tests are available for determining pregnancy. Remember that the baby's health relies on the mother's habits and health before conception happens as well as during pregnancy.

Conceiving a baby and having a healthy pregnancy is a big step and a beautiful experience. Learn all you can about fertility, conception and how to remain healthy so your new baby will have the best start in life that you can give to them.

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