Unable to get pregnant at age 40........

by Linda

If you are in good health in your 40's.....you should be able to get pregnant and have healthy babies. Based on your information, you only have periods every 4 to 5 months which could mean that you are not ovulating regularly or when you have your menstrual period, it is perhaps an anovulatory cycle. Anovulation is quite common today.....for several reasons.

• 1- If you are obese
• 2- If you are anorexic (extremely thin) or bulimic (binge eating and purging after)
• 3- You have experience tubal ligation procedure (you have tied your fallopian tubes)
• 4- May be close to menopause
• 5- Your life is very stressful and you experience high levels of anxiety
• 6- Pituitary and ovarian failure
• 7- If your exercise excessively
• 8- If you have just stopped birth control pills
• 9- When you take certain antidepressant drugs
• 10- Hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency
• 11- Chronic depression and other mental illnesses
• 12- Blood pressure medications
• 13- Traveling by plane can alter timing of your ovulation and menstrual cycle
• 14- Environmental pollution, chemicals used daily, pesticides and toxins
• 15- Hormone imbalance caused by estrogen dominance

The definition of anovulation is that, you are not releasing on a monthly basis any egg cells for fertilization. And when this occurs, your menstrual period may not materialize and you will not be able to get pregnant. Some women in their early 30's may continue having menstrual periods but they may not be ovulating, which may be your case. Please read more about this subject for better understanding: http://www.safemenopausesolutions.com/anovulation.html

When your ovulation becomes irregular, your progesterone production declines. You should know that most of the production of this hormone called progesterone comes from your ovaries.
When this occurs, progesterone and estrogen no longer keep each other stabilized which creates all kinds of symptoms and illnesses.

Unbalanced estrogen will bring you hormone imbalanced symptoms like mood swings, depression, difficulty sleeping, water retention, weight gain, lower sex drive, fibrocystic breasts, sometimes heavy bleeding during your periods and breast swelling. Some doctors may measure your estradiol, FSH and LH levels but, frequently they don't check if your progesterone levels are low or not.

If your progesterone levels are low, you should use natural progesterone cream supplementation
to eliminate your deficiency, restore your sex drive and normalize your ovulation. Without ovulation, you will not get pregnant because you will not develop any eggs for fertilization. The more mature eggs you produce each month, the higher your chances of getting pregnant.

To read more about how natural progesterone supplementation can improve infertility go to this page http://www.safemenopausesolutions.com/progesteroneinfertility.html - don't give up......age is sometimes a factor because you may be releasing fewer eggs. You may also wish to read this page http://www.safemenopausesolutions.com/infertility.html, Let me know if you have any other questions.

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