Ty Coughlin 50K per month, is it for real or is it a scam?

Looking for Ty Coughlin 50k per month information? Is it really possible that the Ty Coughlin 50k per month is for real and not a scam?

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I must admit I was a skeptic when I first saw this claim. Come on, really? $50,000 a month?

Perhaps you have seen one of the Ty Coughlin's Reverse Funnel System landing pages which is the one with the guy comfortably seated in a chair with his laptop at the beach in Hawaii and you maybe wondered - what is the deal?

With reason, you may wonder if it is a legitimate online business opportunity or a scam?

So in May of 2008 I decided to look further into the Ty Coughlin 50k per month Reverse Funnel System.

What I found was an interesting network marketing system. The product promoted was the company called Global Resorts Network (GRN) that has been in business since 1986.

GRN is a business offering deeply discounted timeshare and vacation rental stays at thousands of properties around the world. Rather than purchase a timeshare that you only stay at occasionally, with a GRN membership, you can select from thousands of luxury properties in numerous countries around the world.

How much to join GRN?

You have several options. They have a $3,000 Platinum Membership which gives access to a global network of high quality hotels, vacation rentals and timeshare properties for your lifetime.

With this membership, you can take as many vacations as you like for the rest of your life. The GRN network will research available properties anytime you wish to escape and a vacation rental that Expedia might list as $1,600 for a week can be had for $298.

Another option is to join GRN for $1,495 for 3 years. You can take up to 3 timeshare or vacation rental vacations per year for the 3 years. This option is called the Gold Membership option.

What about the business opportunity associated with the Ty Coughlin 50k per month offer?

If you want to become part of the Reverse Funnel System and Ty Coughlin's Inner Circle of mentoring, you can join after going through the qualifying steps.

You'll need to provide your name and email address on the RFS landing page which allows you to then receive more detailed info on the Reverse Funnel System and how to make money with it.

Basically, once you join, anyone who joins under you means you will receive a $1,000 commission check for each new RFS member.

Where have you ever seen commission checks of $1,000?

And what the Ty Coughlin 50k per month offer claims is that since Ty developed the Reverse Funnel System software, you get to take advantage of the GRN MLM as an income stream.

It is mostly automated in that it takes a prospective purchaser all the way through the process, from clicking on an ad all the way to the sale. There is no cold calling, no knocking on doors, no bothering people who may or may not want to be your business partner.

The Reverse Funnel System includes your own customized console that allows you to create advertising campaigns, track, email and manage your downline relatively easily. The Ty Coughlin 50k per month offer is backed by a lot of money that he spent in developing this system.

How does the Ty Coughlin 50k per month program make money for him and for you?

There is a monthly $299 fee to use the GRNBizBuilder web site. The fee also includes a back office support person that is available to assist you.

After reviewing it, I must say that it would be very expensive for someone to develop a web site that does everything that is included.

For example, the Reverse Funnel System software that you get generates and tracks campaigns for you, including all of the follow up auto-responder emails.

You may have experienced the followup emails if you signed up for the information on the landing page. All without having to make cold calls and/or making contacts with leads unless you want to.

Once you join the Reverse Funnel System, you have access to online training on using the web site. You should also learn how to maximize the system by listening to the live daily marketing-related calls which are also recorded.

In the setting up of your business to process credit card payments, you will need to pay for on-line credit card processing account (a one-time fee of about $80).

So, the question is, is the Reverse Funnel System a scam?

My answer to this question is no, it's not a scam but that doesn't mean everyone will make money!

When people are looking for cheaper alternatives to timeshares and more price-conscious travel vacations, GRN provides a good value for inexpensive vacation lodging.

Can you make a lot of money with the Reverse Funnel System? That's a much more difficult question to answer.

If you have considerable internet marketing skills and/or several thousand dollars to spend on advertising, you may be able to enjoy receiving $1,000 commissions.

But be careful! It's not that easy!

How many people will be willing to spend several thousand dollars to join and become part of your downline?

Not very many, most likely.

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