Men and women are affected by menopause at some point of their life - discover more about treatment menopause causes.

You may be looking for treatments for menopause or you may be experiencing depression and menopause. We recommend effective natural options for you!

Natural treatments for menopause are, what a lot of us seem to search for, when we experience hormone imbalance symptoms plus depression and menopause. Life becomes difficult when we begin to have several premenopausal symptoms and many other health complaints.

You may have symptoms at this stage like, fatigue, weight gain, water retention, irritability, depression, mood swings, cravings for caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates, low metabolism, endometriosis, perhaps the fear of having osteoporosis and many more...

Most women in industrialized countries may begin to have premenopause symptoms in their early 30's or 40's.

Why? Because our lifestyle is not as healthy...

Unhealthy diets,
• Harsh diets,
• Environmental pollutants,
• Petrochemical pollutants,
• Pesticides,
• Herbicides,
• Chemicals used in cleaning products,
• Unhealthy lifestyles,
• Too much stress,
• Lack of exercise...are some of the factors that cause most people to have hormone imbalance symptoms.

But there are good can make some lifestyle changes and add our recommended natural supplements to your daily routine for better health and natural treatments for menopause...and you will improve your hormone imbalance.

Progesterone and estrogen are the two main hormones produced in the body. When you are in good health, progesterone and estrogen balance each other and they both have opposed functions.

Unbalanced estrogen will give you health consequences and hormone imbalance symptoms.

Woman's health depend on a consistent level of progesterone because this hormone has an opposing, or balancing, effect on estrogen.

When you begin to have premenopause symptoms, this means your levels of progesterone have dropped and unopposed estrogen carries enormous health risks. At this point, you become estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient.

If you would like to find out the different hormone levels in your body, we recommended that you take a saliva test. This type of test is not painful and it's not too expensive. To read more about testing hormones here.

The best treatment menopause causes and treatments for menopause are regular exercise, proper supplementation with high quality multivitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and bioidentical progesterone cream - for great results.

• 1- Using bio-identical progesterone cream supplementation will be beneficial because it will restore your levels of progesterone and will eliminate hormone imbalance symptoms without side effects.

When you use natural supplementation, progesterone will increase your energy production...allowing the thyroid to perform more efficiently and at the same time creating a slight rise in your body temperature.

Use the progesterone cream twice daily - once in the morning and the larger amount at night before you go to bed. Don't use the cream before you take a shower, use it after.

If you use the supplementation before you go to bed, you will be much more relaxed and sleep better. Progesterone functions in the body as a natural antidepressant and a natural relaxer.

Women have been using progesterone cream for for the last 40 years with very positive benefits to the body and health. Progesterone supplementation is an excellent treatment for menopause causes, it works well with treatments for menopause plus depression and menopause.

Nutritional supplements are essential to your health. Make sure you take daily this high-strength multivitamins and minerals so it can work directly to counteract substances that cause oxidation in your body.

These multivitamins will improve your energy levels, help you with your sleep, give you a healthier heart and circulatory system and make sure your body keeps up with the job of staying healthy and it a great treatment menopause causes.

Make sure you take Omega-3 supplement daily - omega-3 is essential in fighting any mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. Omega-3 fish oil reduces body inflammation and improves arthritis symptoms.

Omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, improve your immune system and help Crohn's disease.

Most people today are Omega-3 deficient and when that occurs you will be likely to have some type of brain disorder or several. Women looking for treatments for menopause or experiencing depression and menopause will benefit from using this program.

Exercise for at least 5 days a week is also essential. Lack of exercise will only bring you illnesses, obesity, heart disease and your muscles and bones will become weaker with the inactivity.

Some of us don't like to exercise! Make sure you select something that you enjoy! Perhaps it is dancing, or some like to go to a gym, maybe you should play tennis... If you like to walk, do it daily for 30 or 40 minutes...try to select an activity that you like.

It is also recommended that you eat whole foods, whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, corn, lentils and all the different types of beans. Avoid refined grains and foods that have a lot of sugar.

Eat more organic vegetables and fruits when possible. Use more root vegetables like beets, potatoes, carrots, turnips...garlic and onions. Make sure you cooked them with olive oil and fresh herbs. Avoid processed foods and fast foods.

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