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Top pregnancy tests can provide the first definitive proof to a woman that she is pregnant. There are other tests which evaluate the health condition of a fetus, but those are issues for later on. Right now, you want to simply have the evidence that you’re pregnant.

You can go get an at-home test for pregnancy which the manufacturers claim is 99% effective when used as instructed. These tests are pretty much good news. They are widely available, they appear to be extremely reliable, the accuracy rate is about the same as the urine pregnancy test performed in the doctor’s office, you can take the test almost anywhere you have a bathroom, the test itself takes only a few minutes and you don’t need a prescription to get one!

The test itself measures Human Chorionic Gonadotripinn (HGC), a pregnancy hormone as found in the urine. This hormone is released by the placenta after pregnancy begins. Typically, HGC isn’t released until about 10 days after pregnancy begins, so you could actually get a false negative if you test too early. This means the test should not be taken until 10 days after the last menstrual period.

This of course means that the at-home test is not really able to be called one of the first signs of pregnancy, because you have to wait until the pregnancy is firmly begun, and hormone production can be measured in the urine.

For those of you who want some tips,
1) read the instructions!
2) take the test early in the morning,
3) don’t drink too much liquid or you’ll dilute that which you’re trying to measure,
4) check what drugs might interfere with the test (if there are any).

Fact Plus Select Pregnancy Test, 2 Tests 2 each icon


• Easy to Use: Place absorbent end in urine stream for at least 3 seconds...
• Convenient: Use any time of day, as early as first day of missed period.
• Confident: A red line in the Control Window means the test worked properly.
• Accurate: Clinically trusted results - Over 99% Accurate.*

EPT Pregnancy Test, 1 each icon


Easy to Use:
• Advanced stick design for easy handling.
• Sealed splashguard protects results.
• Comfortable thumb grip.
• Over 99% Accurate in Laboratory Tests.

You can be confident in e-p-t:
• Simple instructions. (English and Spanish).
• Toll-free consumer help line.
• Results unaffected by most common medications.
• over 99% accurate in Laboratory Testes.

Simplicity The "No-Step" Pregnancy Test 2 ea icon


• 99.9% Accurate*
• Use as early as the first day of missed period.
There's enough on your mind. That's why you need Simplicity The "No-Step" Pregnancy Test. With no sticks and no droppers, the test is all contained in one easy-to-use cup.

Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test - Buy 2 Get One Free! 1 bonus pack icon


Bonus - Buy 2 Get One Free!
Greatest Certainty
No more lines to interpret. No batteries required

Clearblue Easy digital gives you Results in Words
So Easy. Prepare the test and hold in your urine stream for 5-7 seconds.
So Certain. A flashing test stick symbol lets you know the test is working correctly.
So Clear. Within 3 minutes, the easy to read digital display tells you in words if pregnancy hormone has been detected.

Clearblue Easy Earliest Results Pregnancy Test, 2 ea icon


Test As Early As 4 Days Before Your Expected Period.

• New! Unmistakable Plus or Minus Results.
• Unsurpassed Accuracy.
• Easy: Hold the absorbent tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds.
• Clear and Accurate: In 2 minutes, the result window will show a clear plus or minus result.
• Unipath Research - Quality Tested.

In clinical testing, Clearblue Easy detected the hormone levels in 53% of pregnant women 4 days before, in 74% of pregnant women 3 days before, 84% of pregnant women two days before, and 87% of pregnant women 1 day before their expected period.

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