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Learn more about thyroid function, thyroid causes and thyroid problems symptoms.

To achieve optimum function of the thyroid, men and women could take natural thyroid supplements because they contain the crucial nutrient "iodine" for thyroid hormone synthesis.

Eating plenty of ocean fish (NOT farmed-raised fish or seaweed products) may also help prevent thyroid problems symptoms.

Thyroid is the hormone in the body that regulates metabolic rate. This hormone is also responsible in the cell to increase the biosynthesis of enzymes which results in heat production, oxygen consumption and elevated metabolic rate.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, thyroid supplements and thyroid stimulates the release of free fatty acids from adipose or fat tissue, stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids (energy production) and reduces cholesterol by oxidizing it into bile acids.

Low thyroid problems (hypothyroidism) can result in symptoms like low energy levels, cold intolerance and weight gain, for example.

Excess thyroid (hyperthyroidism) causes you to experience higher energy levels, feeling too warm and weight loss.

The thyroid gland makes from tyrosine and iodine two versions of hormone - one containing four atoms of iodine called thyroxine (T4) and another version containing three atoms of iodine called triiodothyronine (T3).

Both versions are then developed in a relatively large glycoprotein complex called thyroglobulin and stored in the thyroid gland.

To be released into the bloodstream for circulation throughout the body, the hormones are separated from thyroglobulin and bound to a much smaller globulin (thyroxine-binding globulin) or albumin.

However, only 0.5% of the thyroid hormone is "available" to be biologically active.

It is the 0.5% hormone that can leave the bloodstream and enter the body cells, where it meets with a special receptor and thereby modulates the cell's metabolic rate.

Sex hormones and thyroid hormone are like an orchestra - there must be harmony and balance for all of these hormone to function together. Without balance and harmony, your body will experience all kinds of symptoms and negative feedback which will definitely affect your health.

Stress, progesterone deficiency, estrogen dominance and poor nutrition are some of the thyroid causes of thyroid problems symptoms.

Natural thyroid supplements plus the use of natural progesterone cream should in most cases eliminate most of your thyroid problem symptoms and restore its function.

One of the functions of estrogen in the body is to cause food calories to be stored as fat. Thyroid hormone causes fat calories to be turned into usable calories.

Estrogen and thyroid function have opposing roles in the body.

And if your levels of progesterone are low because of hormone imbalance...this means that progesterone no longer opposes estrogen's side effects.

According to Dr. John R. Lee - when you take thyroid supplements because you are experiencing hypothyroid symptoms such as feeling tired, low energy, thinning hair and cold intolerance, for example, the thyroid supplements will improve your energy levels quite a bit, but will not solve all the other hormone imbalance symptoms.

To correct the other thyroid problems symptoms and function, you will need to take care of your hormone imbalance and your progesterone deficiency with bioidentical natural progesterone supplementation.

Men and women suffering from thyroid problems symptoms should improve thyroid function by also taking a high quality premium vitamins and supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, exercising regularly and improving your diet by eating more fresh fish, vegetables and fruits.

Another thyroid disorder is called is Hashimoto's thyroiditis - it is a autoimmune inflammatory process of the thyroid gland. This means that the body creates antibodies against the cells that make up the gland.

As the disease progresses, cells of the gland are destroyed and inflammation occurs, along with fibrous deterioration of the entire gland. Autoimmune disorders seem to perhaps be triggered by transient viruses in susceptible people.

The usual treatment for this disease is the suppression of thyroid function by giving you full doses of thyroid medication, such as thyroxine and/or triiodothyronine.

Other common brands used by medical doctors are Synthroid, Levoxyl and Levothroid, which are synthetic thyroid supplements.

Progesterone is the main precursor of corticosteroids, and when women are progesterone deficient, if you restore your normal progesterone levels with natural progesterone cream, you may improve and enhance normal corticosteroid production, thus suppressing the autoimmune attack.

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