What is the difference between synthetic progesterone and natural progesterone?

The difference between synthetic progesterone and natural progesterone is that natural progesterone is "bio-identical". Natural Progesterone" is the name of the hormone that chemically is exactly like the hormone progesterone produced in the human body.

Bio-identical means that it is the same as what the body makes. This makes them more effective with no side effects when used correctly in dosages similar to the body's normal production.

Since natural progesterone exists in humans and nature, it cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies.

For patent (and profitability reasons) pharmaceutical companies have to alter the chemical structure of natural progesterone.

By doing so, the synthetic progesterone products they have created become a different substance from the natural one. Synthetic progesterone is called progestin.

Synthetic hormone molecules and molecules from different species (Premarin, which is made from horse urine) differ in molecular configuration from hormones made in the human body.

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Dr. John R. Lee was a pioneer in womens health and he trained doctors in using natural progesterone to correct hormone imbalance and treat menopause symptoms.

Read for yourself what he has to say about using natural progesterone to treat your hormone imbalance.

However, unlike natural progesterone, the synthetic progestins have side effects, some being very serious.

To read more about the dangers of estrogen plus progestins and the side effects of synthetic HRT (hormone replacement theory), go to this womens health website shown here called the Women's Health Initiative.

Natural progesterone is far superior to the synthetic progestins, both because of its numerous benefits and because of the lack of dangerous side effects that the synthetic progestins have.

Natural Progesterone has been formulated into a cream that gets absorbed when used by trans-dermal delivery (through the skin).

With natural progesterone, you can treat and prevent hormone imbalance which can cause menopause symptoms such as depression, irritability, infertility, incontinence, endometriosis, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders, night sweats and irregular menstrual flow.

To balance your hormones, use natural progesterone supplementation to reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. Find out more about the difference between synthetic progesterone and natural progesterone.

According to Dr. Norman Shealy, natural progesterone promotes and maintains pregnancy. Synthetic progestins prevent pregnancy and in some cases may lead to abortion.

Eliminate premenopause and menopause symptoms! Take high quality vitamins/supplements, Omega-3 fatty acids and natural progesterone cream supplementation.

Exposure to environmental pollutants, pesticides, industrial pollutants, car exhaust, plastics, preservatives and additives are the other reasons why taking vitamins and balancing your hormones are extra health insurance.

Total Balance Women's Premium has high quality ingredients that support and balance your female hormones both before and after menopause.

These nutrients and daily vitamin supplements have been proven in numerous studies to help reduce the frequency of PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women.

A high-quality daily supplement that will improve your health and will give you extra energy.

Nutrients such as reservatrol, lycopene and DIM boost immune system strength while policosinol safely lowers unhealthy cholesterol, for example.

Of course, appropriate levels of important vitamins C, D and E are present in this high-quality supplement. Many more important nutrients are included such as CoQ-10, lutein for eye health, red clover extract and so on.

Since it is difficult to eat perfectly every day, taking a quality multiple vitamin/mineral supplement makes sense.

Take antioxidants daily. They can improve your health. Take some time to review the ingredients that are included in these vitamins/minerals and daily supplement.

These include nutrients that if purchased individually would cost much more as well as being a hassle to take.

Take Omega-3 fatty acids with your multiple vitamins to improve your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve your arthritis.

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which help lower cholesterol, help your blood get thinner, and may reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Balance your hormones with natural progesterone supplementation!

Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and women have been using it safely for the last 30 years. The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM.

All you do is apply it directly to your skin. Read more about natural progesterone cream supplementation.

Natural progesterone is beneficial in treating or preventing:

• Any irregular menstrual flow and PMS (premenstrual syndrome),
• Abdomen cramping or muscle cramping,
• Bloating and water retention,
• Depression, irritability, anxiety,
• Migraine headaches,
• Insomnia and sleep disturbances,
• Epilepsy,
• Miscarriages,
• Infertility,
• Incontinence and urinary tract infections,
• Endometriosis,
• Hypoglycemia,
• Chronic fatigue syndrome and low energy levels,
• Yeast infections,
• Heart palpitations,
• Cardiovascular disorders,
• Osteoporosis,(reversible by increasing bone mass),
• Protects against fibrocysts in the breasts,
• Keeps uterine lining healthy,
• Helping to prevent uterine fibroids,
• Assists thyroid hormone action,
• Restores low sex drive,
• Acts as a natural anti-depressant

With natural progesterone, blood pressure often returns to normal, body fat is burned up for energy, and progesterone has anti-inflammatory properties which helps with arthritis.

Lifestyle changes that correct hormone imbalance!

Improving one's diet is a key factor in hormone imbalance. We frequently eat foods with excess sugar, soft drinks, refined starches and trans fatty acids-fast foods. Most foods like candy, sodas and processed foods supply plenty of calories without any real nutritive value.

Increase consumption of all organic vegetables, green leafy vegetables, legumes and fruits in your diet.

If you do not like vegetables, make vegetable juices. They are delicious!

Fiber is a great broom for your body and it makes the digestive tract function better and produce frequent elimination.

• Increase your physical activity by exercising. Women who exercise will begin sleeping better, having more energy, looking younger, and bones and connective tissues will be stronger.

Obesity, hormone imbalance, heart disease and arthritis can all be traced to poor diet and lack of exercise. Most of your organs, muscles, lymph system and circulatory system perform much better when it is moved, exercised and stretched regularly.

• Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Water also aids in metabolizing fat, causing weight reduction. Buy a good quality filter to remove fluoride, heavy metals and other toxins. Your water will taste much better!!

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