Here are common symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver to know...

Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver can be the indication that a serious medical condition exists where the liver has been damaged.

The damage can be the result of either various illnesses or alcohol consumption or a combination of both. The liver functions that are needed to stay alive can become on the verge of shutting down entirely.

Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver should be understood because the liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body. This organ is responsible for producing cholesterol needed by a healthy person.

It is also responsible for de-toxifying the body from different substances such as alcohol.

One of the main things it is responsible for is aiding in digestion by producing substances that break down fats from food consumed.

Of course, when one is no longer able to digest food properly then serious problems can begin to occur.

When you hear the word hepatitis, you might wonder exactly what that means. You see people who suffer from hepatitis typically have problems in relation to the liver.

It is not uncommon for a non-alcoholic with hepatitis C to be diagnosed with cirrhosis. The reason is, this disease targets this organ directly. This is because 'hepato' is actually a Greek word which means 'liver' or 'detoxifier'.

People who suffer from hepatitis, particularly from the most serious form hepatitis C, need to be very careful with consuming alcohol, taking aspirin or doing other activities that can negatively affect the liver.

One particular cause of having symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver that can be stopped, however, is the irresponsible intake of large amounts of alcohol over time.

The absolute truth of it is - the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to eventually develop symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver.

This is not an amount that can be measured because everyone's liver function and capability can vary.

One person could drink continuously for years and not have a problem. Someone else however might binge drink for a few months to a year and develop acute liver cirrhosis.

Typically doctors agree that anything over 30 units of alcohol weekly is far too much. A unit of alcohol is about the same as an twelve ounce beer or a five ounce glass of wine. Also realize that these doctors advise for this intake to be spread out through the week and not take place all at once.

One of the most common symptoms of this disease is jaundice. This is a yellowing of the skin which occurs because the liver does not remove toxins properly.

Discoloration of nails from pink to white or thickening of the white part of the nail can also be a sign of early liver cirrhosis and should not be ignored. If you have either of these symptoms, you must ask your doctor for a blood test.

Elevated levels of bilirubin usually show liver damage without having to do any more invasive tests such as a CT Scan, X-Ray or MRI.

The most certain symptom of liver cirrhosis is the result of a CT scan or ultrasound showing fluid retention in this part of the body.

Other signs of liver disease are quite extensive, however, and they can also be caused by a host of other illnesses, conditions, diseases and even viruses. Fatigue is a common symptom of liver cirrhosis, that is being tired all the time even upon waking up or shortly thereafter.

The retention of fluid can typically be spotted by enlargement of legs, arms or other extremities and this is a very serious symptom which should be reviewed medically as soon as it is noticed by yourself or others!

This can be a sign of liver cirrhosis as the liver is responsible for effectively moving fluids out of the body.

There is great news to persons having symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver. The truth is that most cases can be completely reversed by eliminating the cause of the disease which is typically excessive and long-term alcohol consumption.

This elimination of alcohol is essential because as cirrhosis progresses, the liver becomes less and less resistant to the effects of alcohol to the point where one drink could make someone completely inebriated.

People with cirrhosis should also exercise as much as possible, although this may be difficult because of the fatigue that this disease causes. The wonderful thing about the liver is that it is extremely efficient in regenerating even after damage has occurred.

Having a supportive family member who can help or attending an Alcoholics Anonymous program is essential for people who want to reverse or survive the consequences symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver.

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