Learn about symptoms female hormone imbalance and what to do to solve your hormone imbalance symptoms!

Are you experiencing several symptoms female hormone imbalance? Women today in western societies and industrialized countries experience female hormone imbalance and symptoms female hormone imbalance as early as their late 20's or 30's depending on their health condition.

Do you want to learn about symptoms female hormone imbalance and female hormone imbalance! What are the causes of hormone imbalance?

• Poor diet and harsh diets,
• Emotional stress and trauma,
• Inflammation,
• Heredity,
• Lack of exercise,
• Birth control pills,
• Poor quality sleep,
• Consuming too much alcohol,
• Synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT),
• Obesity,
• Exposure to pesticides, chemicals, environmental pollution and toxins are all factors that could accelerate hormone imbalance in women.

Women can continue to have menstrual periods without ovulation and you can have anovulatory periods in your 30's and yet only experience menopause during your 50's.

Another cause of hormone imbalance is anovulatory periods, a condition where you still have periods but you are not ovulating.

The production of progesterone from the ovaries cannot happen and progesterone levels begin to decline - making it very difficult for progesterone and estrogen to counterbalance each other.

Because of causes of hormone imbalance and lack of ovulation, the body's production of estrogen goes down 40% or 60% and the production of progesterone goes down to zero. Again, stopping symptoms female hormone imbalance and getting BACK into balance is the key.

When progesterone and estrogen are not balanced in the body, women can begin to experience female hormone imbalance because you are progesterone deficient...and with that an increase in health risks and symptoms female hormone imbalance that may affect your marriage, sex life, well-being, family life and career.

When women are experiencing estrogen dominance, it does not mean that you are producing too much estrogen.

It means that progesterone and estrogen no longer balance each other and estrogen levels are relatively higher than progesterone, which creates female hormone imbalance and symptoms female hormone imbalance.

Women experiencing symptoms female hormone imbalance should use a hormone saliva test because it is accurate, less painful, cost less, is quicker and you can do it YOURSELF at home to confirm your hormone levels!

You really can test and understand your own hormone levels - estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and the thyroid hormone. To obtain your home hormone test kit from one of the leading labs in the USA, go here to the saliva test section.

If the body is deprived of its required amount of progesterone, the production of the other related hormones can be severely affected.

Supplementing with natural progesterone will not create an excess of these other hormones, but will help you eliminate symptoms female hormone imbalance and correct any imbalance or deficiency that you may be experiencing.

Natural progesterone supplementation is bio-identical, which means that it is safer, more effective, with greater protective health benefits and supports female hormone imbalance.

You don't have to worry about natural progesterone side effects, if you use it in the "psysiological doses", which means in the same quantities as what the body makes, or 20 to 40 milligrams per day of natural progesterone cream.

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Are you experiencing symptoms female hormone imbalance?

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