What is a symptom premenopause? Are you experiencing symptoms of premenopause?

Symptom premenopause can begin as early as in a woman's 30's or 40's. This is caused by the increasing number of women in the industrialized countries that experience anovulatory (no ovulation) cycles. At this stage, a lot of women have menstrual periods but they do not ovulate.

A symptom premenopause can include:

• Unexplained weight gain,
• Headaches,
• Loss of sex drive,
• Inability to handle stress,
• Irritability, depression,
• Anxiety,
• Fibrocystic breasts,
• Low metabolism and weight gain,
• Unstable blood sugar,
• Water retention,
• Fatigue, lack of energy,
• Low thyroid symptoms,
• Craving for sweets,

Womens Health Bookstore - review the women's health book selection for treating naturally symptom premenopause and symptoms of premenopause.

Select any of these authoritative sources to broaden your background on your own health and what you can do to make your own health better.

And do not be afraid to get a gift for a friend who may have similar needs! But more important is the question - why does a symptom premenopause begin?

This is an excellent book written by Harvard-trained Dr. John R. Lee - he is a pioneer in women's premenopausal health. He has trained doctors and treated women in hormone balance and symptoms premenopause health.

Somewhere in the third or fourth decade of life, women begin to experience a gradual slowdown of the reproductive cycle. As a result, their hormonal balance can begin to change and get out of balance, resulting in having a symptom premenopause.

Heredity, poor nutrition, stress, car exhaust, birth control pills, and whether or not (and when) you had children can all be factors that result in your having menstrual cycles without ovulation.

And without ovulation, your body does not produce progesterone, and most women seem unaware that the LACK OF PROGESTERONE can cause a symptom premenopause.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms of premenopause, you have several options.

If you are eating poorly, not drinking enough water, not exercising, very stressed out and not taking any vitamins or supplements, you should begin to make some changes.

Try to eliminate chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other toxic substances found in tap water. The best solution is to buy a good water filter. You may be pleasantly surprised how much better filtered water will taste as compared to regular tap water.

Women who have reached the age of premenopause could benefit a great deal by taking a quality multiple vitamin/mineral supplement. Here are recommended supplements for symptom premenopause...

Total Balance Women's Premium has high-potency extracts that support the balancing of female hormones for symptom premenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

Consider changing poor health habits and make sure that taking care of your health becomes your priority.

If you are experiencing a symptom premenopause, consider using 'Total Balance' Women's Premium and natural progesterone cream to balance your hormones and to help relieve your symptoms of premenopause.

The best way to know if you are using enough progesterone cream is whether your symptoms are relieved or not. After 1 or 2 months, you should be experiencing improvement. Since progesterone cream is so safe and has little side effects, you should be comfortable using it.

Natural progesterone cream is bio-identical which means that it is the same hormone as your body makes. Natural hormones are safer and are more effective and have greater protective benefits.

Balance your hormones yourself for your symptoms of premenopause!

This organically based form of natural progesterone cream is designed especially for women of childbearing years, for perimenopausal and menopausal women, and postmenopausal women.

The unique formula represents a gentle, holistic approach to your body's need for balance. The cream uses natural progesterone combined with soothing Aloe Vera gel and Grapefruit extract.

In addition to the hormone-balancing benefits, you'll enjoy the way natural progesterone cream softens and moisturizes your skin.

Besides treating symptom premenopause, natural progesterone is beneficial in treating or preventing:

• Irregular menstrual flow,
• Cramping,
• Bloating,
• Depression, irritability,
• Headaches,
• Insomnia,
• Epilepsy,
• Miscarriages,
• Incontinence,
Hot flashes, night sweats,
• Hypogycemia,
• Chronic fatigue,
• Yeast infections,
• Heart palpitations,
• Cardiovascular disorders,
Osteoporosis (reversible by increasing bone mass),
• Vaginal dryness.

The body's production of estrogen can also vary - too high or too low - resulting in a symptom premenopause such as breast swelling and tenderness and sleep disturbances.

Remember estrogen and progesterone need each other! And YOU need both to be healthy! Review natural estrogen sources here.

Once you understand how HORMONE IMBALANCE CAUSES a symptom premenopause, you can understand what you should do to reduce or eliminate these unwanted symptoms.

If you would like to review this book, go to the Women's Health Bookstore to better understand symptom premenopause and hormone imbalance.

Drawing on two decades of family-practice experience, Dr. Northrup shares her experience in using "bio-identical" supplementation to eliminate a symptom premenopause.

To keep hormone levels balanced in your body is very important to your health and vitality. Remember that "hormone imbalance" is defined as the incorrect relationship of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body.

To get an accurate picture of your hormone levels, the most effective method to determine your current hormone levels is with a saliva test. Understand more about saliva testing in the hormone testing section.

When women's role was to raise children, this favored their "yin" or female characteristics. But women are no longer just having this role...women work full time, have family and they experience a great deal of stress and imbalance in their lives.

Today, women are exhausted, trying very hard to maintain their lifestyle and responsibilities. Women's eating habits are often very poor and they are not hormone balanced. See the list of symptoms premenopause here.

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