How Does One Go About Safely Stopping HRT?

Stopping HRT is what many women want to do following the results found in the Women's Health Initiative study on synthetic HRT risks.

Many women - and doctors - are looking for safer HRT alternatives. Where do you find natural alternatives to synthetic HRT to be able to go about safely stopping HRT?

Author and Harvard-trained family physician Dr. John R. Lee describes and explains his approach to stopping hormone replacement therapy as well as natural alternatives to synthetic HRT drugs.

If you're on one of the "progestins" like Provera, Dr. Lee recommends stopping HRT by replacing the synthetic progestin with BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) or bioidentical natural progesterone cream supplementation for all your hormone imbalance symptoms.

However, if you're on a synthetic estrogen like Premarin, Dr. Lee recommends that you slowly reduce the dosage while at the same time you begin natural progesterone supplementation.

Dr. John R. Lee's experience was that, more often than not, estrogen supplementation was not even needed by women using natural progesterone supplementation.

Once you understand premenopause, menopause, menopause symptoms and NATURAL hormone replacement therapy, you will be able to discuss these subjects and stopping HRT with your doctor, or you can consider doing this by yourself.

Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones produced by the body. Both are produced in the ovaries, but the production of progesterone declines effectively to zero as ovulation ceases at menopause.

Estrogen declines only 40% to 60% at menopause. Progesterone has a balancing effect on estrogen.

If you would like to read more about how progesterone balances estrogen, go to the section titled hormone imbalance for more information.

You could make a present of Dr. Lee's book to your doctor, pointing out that the "natural" path is far less damaging and risky than the one you may be on right now.

Hormone imbalance causes premenopause and menopause symptoms. What you need is the proper balance for both hormones - natural estrogen and natural progesterone.

And that usually means you need to start first with natural progesterone supplementation because it is progesterone levels that have declined if ovulation is no longer happening.

For safely stopping HRT...

Consider taking this online women's hormone health profile test and see what Dr. John R. Lee observes about your symptoms. Stopping HRT should be done gradually.

Most women simply don't need SYNTHETIC drugs to eliminate the symptoms of premenopause, perimenopause and menopause. It sounds too good to be true, but it IS!

Your individual symptoms tell you what you should be doing. And by taking this "Hormone Profile" test, you can learn more about what YOUR symptoms mean. If you choose stopping HRT by yourself, make sure you follow the advice of Dr. Lee and "wean" yourself off of the estrogen over 60-90 days or so.

Learn as much as you can about balancing your hormones naturally! Read more about the hormone health test here.

Using bioidentical natural progesterone cream supplementation is your best option because gives NO SIDE EFFECTS, it can eliminate hormone imbalance and restore your health.

More and more doctors are learning about and accepting natural alternatives to HRT.

Many doctors may not consider your stopping HRT without something to "replace it".

But maybe you can't persuade your doctor that stopping HRT and "natural" is better.

Then - get a second opinion - and soon! There are many doctors who will help you with stopping HRT, and will do it safely.

And their training is likely just as good as the training of the doctor you have now! You can use the search function found on the hormone health test page to find a doctor near you.

When do you need natural estrogen?

The most common menopause symptoms that can indicate the need for estrogen supplementation (estriol) are hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

If you are taking natural estrogen, you must take progesterone for balance. This means that you should always use estrogen WITH progesterone to keep your hormones balanced. Progesterone neutralizes the dangers of excess estrogen.

There are synthetic estrogen drugs, but they come with health risks and unwanted side effects. Instead, use safe natural estrogen products if you need supplemental estrogen. Review more information on natural estrogen sources.

Take a high quality multivitamin supplement and Omega-3 fatty acids for good health and more energy!

These high-quality vitamins for women and men are essential to your health and they will help you slow down the aging process. These premium Total Balance vitamins can improve your eyesight, sleep and provide you a stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system.

Taking vitamins are essential in industrialized societies because of environmental pollutants and because "food" today does not have the same nutritional value.

The "foods" we eat today are exposed to pesticides, herbicides, industrial pollutants, additives, colorings and preservatives. Your body spends a great deal more time dealing with all of these chemicals and still has the job of keeping you healthy.

Avoid processed foods and sodas!!! Eat whole grains, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, different types of legumes and various nuts to increase the amount of fiber in the body - it will improve your entire digestive system.

Drink plenty of clean water to help your body clear waste and toxins. Invest some money in a good water filter for your home. Buy one water filter that at least filters out the chlorine, heavy metals, benzene and bacteria.

Exercise should also be added to your daily schedule. Exercise and a healthier diet can improve the odds against heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

When you exercise, your circulation and lymph systems will improve, your muscles and bones will get stronger and it will help you with hormone imbalance and weight loss.

Make sure you take daily a good quality of Omega-3 fatty acids to help you reduce inflammation, arthritis symptoms, joint pain and mental illnesses like depression.

Omega-3 fish oil is known to help you lower cholesterol, thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Avoid doctors that are trying to get you to use synthetic HRT! Try a natural option first, because it has no side effects when used correctly. Balance your hormones by using natural progesterone supplementation.

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