Stop smoking aids for those trying to learn how to quit smoking cold. Learn here how to help someone stop smoking.

Using stop smoking aids may be valuable to quit smoking for some people. But...there are a lot of different and successful methods that will help you quit smoking and also deal with the different physical cravings you will experience.

Quitting smoking is a daunting task, particularly for people who have been smoking for a long period of time. Studies have been published that show that if you don't quit smoking before the age of twenty five, then you are completely addicted and simply cannot stop smoking. However, this is just not true.

No matter how long you have been smoking, all that you need to quit altogether is the desire to quit and a strong spirit.

Quitting smoking is all about you, your desire to quit and your realization of the health consequences if you continue to smoke.

Of course, there are different ways for stopping the habit for different people.

While some people prefer to chew nicotine gum to end their habit, others use stop smoking aids like patches while others just quit smoking cold turkey.

Nicotine is a drug that is found in the tobacco leaf and it is extremely addictive. It is just as addictive as drugs our society deems to be harder and more dangerous such as heroin and amphetamines.

After people smoke for a few years or even months, they become both emotionally and physically addicted to the plant-based drug, some even becoming frantic when they cannot find a cigarette.

And the most dangerous form of addiction is psychological, of which nicotine is a psychological drug as well.

Thus, it is very difficult to quit smoking for some people because their mind is actually telling them that it needs a cigarette to survive, to get through the day or to start a new one.

When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine-laced smoke travels deep into your lungs, eventually reaching your blood vessels and releasing itself all over your body, from top to bottom.

Everything becomes a part of your habit - your heart, your brain, your lungs and many other vital organs.

Nicotine is such a nuisance that even after nearly three days of quitting, there will still be traces of nicotine in your bloodstream. Withdrawal symptoms from the drug, however, can take several weeks to get rid of completely.

Even after quitting and getting rid of the initial cravings, you will still have to deal with cravings every now and again. The difference will be that you will be much more prepared and much more informed on how to combat them.

One of the scariest parts about quitting smoking is the sudden change in behavior. The addiction to smoking isn't always related to the presence of nicotine. Many times the addiction is fueled by a fixation on smoking from movies, TV shows, smoking parents and so on.

Suddenly you are out of what you view to be one of the most entertaining and time consuming activities of your life, which is smoking cigarettes. There are many ways to have you feel differently about this particular activity. One of the ways is to replace it with a different activity such as chewing gum or cough drops.

There are also cigarette placebos such as an unlit cigarette, though all too often an ex-smoker ends up lighting the cigarette up for real before realizing they are once again starting the habit.

Some people are probably asking "why should I quit?" Or "What is so serious about my quitting my smoking habit that should make me think about stopping?"

One of the biggest reasons for quitting smoking is the possibility of having lung cancer, which almost all of smokers are aware.

A lesser known fact is that smoking cigarettes and tobacco contributes to strokes, heart disease, emphysema, asthma and coronary heart disease, among many other health conditions.

You can clearly see that the habit of smoking cigarettes is detrimental to a human's health and could shorten a human's lifespan considerably.

Cigarette smokers can develop the condition called emphysema, for example. This pulmonary disease can result in higher than healthy levels of carbon dioxide in the lungs.

This will lead to higher levels of carbonic acid in the bloodstream. In trying to correct this acidic condition with calcium, the body can take calcium from your bones which contributes to osteoporosis.

Another major reason why you should use stop smoking aids and quit smoking cold turkey is because the more people learn about the negative effects of second hand smoke, the more people feel negatively towards smokers in general.

In fact, certain businesses will not hire smokers as they have been shown to be sick far more often than their non-smoking counterparts.

Smoking is seen as a more disruptive activity as time goes on, and people are becoming increasingly annoyed by the actions of smokers, particularly ones who make their habit so apparent.

Smoking is simply becoming socially unacceptable, so it is better to quit now before your health is seriously affected.

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This stop smoking resource helps smokers discover the underlying reasons for this unhealthy and expensive dependency.

This book explains what the withdrawal symptoms are and how to handle them effectively, the situations to avoid where one will likely be tempted to start again, enabling the former smoker to remain smoke-free.

This Alan Carr stop smoking resource includes issues as nicotine addiction, the brainwashing everyone is exposed to on a daily basis that encourages one to smoke, the misplaced assumption that having a cigarette helps to relieve stress, how boredom can prevent anyone who is trying to end this addiction and why failure can occur.

This program has been proven over and over again. If you'd really like to throw away your packs for ever and quit smoking cold turkey, This resource will teach you how to quit smoking with stop smoking aids or how to help someone stop smoking.

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Stop smoking aids and learn how to help someone stop smoking.

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