Soy Isoflavones and Pregnancy

by Arvin

Soy isoflavones are considered phytoestrogens or in simpler terms estrogen from plants. Right now, there is no existing scientific evidence that proves that soy isoflavones can help in conception. But it is plausible according to a article.

The article explains that isoflavones can block the estrogen receptors in the brain and make the brain think that the body is lacking estrogen. The body's reaction would be to boost the production of estrogen. The body will then think that it's time to ovulate.

However, the website the article cautions that not all isoflavones act this way. Some actually behave just like estrogen. This is bad for the body and may cause hormone imbalance.

A Natural Health Sherpa article warns about the many side effects of soy isoflavones.

It is recommended that you seek your physician's advice first before taking any isoflavone supplements.


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