Yes, there are signs of infidelity in men and women and spousal infidelity affair clues to be looking for...

Signs of infidelity in men and women should be understood by both partners in the relationship. Whether it be signs of infidelity in men or husbands, signs of wife infidelity or signs of marital infidelity - these traits of spouse cheating or partner infidelity can tell you that something is going on.

Recognizing one or more of the signs doesn't automatically mean your partner is cheating. However, understanding infidelity signs can help couples deal with and discuss issues in the relationship that should be dealt with and resolved.

Some of these signs of infidelity and signs of a cheating spouse are ones that commonly appear with a cheating husband or cheating wife.

It is very sad, but true, that we need to know the signs of infidelity in men and women if we are involved with a lover or we are married.

Men and women may cheat for many different reasons. They might want to break up or get a divorce but are afraid to hurt the other person's feelings or stay for the sake of the children, which is always a very bad move.

Their sex life may have taken a nose dive, for whatever reasons. They may have grown afraid that their commitment to the other is stifling them and they are missing out on life. Or, as that famous old 1970's song says, it may be that they feel like their relationship has fallen into the same old dull routine.

It is often the cultural stereotype that men are typically the cheaters, but this is far from the truth.

Men and women are pretty much equally adept at it and equally apt to do it. So, whether you are a man or a woman, know how to recognize the signs of infidelity.

Be cautious, not paranoid. Don't go looking for these signs - you're likely to see phantom signs that aren't there but cause you to become deeply troubled or fight with your significant other.

Also, many of the signs of infidelity in men and women are truly only possible ones, meaning, that while they may indicate something is going on, you may have to find some corroborating evidence first before confronting your significant other.

The terms spouse, husband or wife are used, however, these warning signs apply equally to people who are dating or living together.

• 1 - You discover that your wife has birth control pills, but you've had a vasectomy.

• 2 - Mutual friends being acting strangely toward you, as if they know something bad that you don't or they have been told bad stuff about you by your spouse.

• 3 - Your spouse no longer confides in you.

• 4 - You find out that your spouse has set up a new personal e-mail account and never told you.

• 5 - Your spouse suddenly starts deleting, rather than merely filing, all incoming e-mails.

• 6 - You find out your spouse bought a new cell phone and never told you about it.

• 7 - You discover your spouse set up a new cell phone account that sends the bill straight to the office.

• 8 - Your spouse starts deleting all incoming calls on your caller ID while always rushing to be the first to answer the telephone.

• 9 - Tell-tale scents are on your spouse, such as a cologne or perfume that it's known you don't like, smelling like s/he just took a shower before coming home from work.

• 10 - Your spouse has never been particularly into working out, but suddenly joins a gym and goes there five nights a week and without asking you to join.

• 11 - You find your husband's condoms but he knows that you're on the pill.

• 12 - Your spouse suddenly starts repeatedly raising suspicions that YOU are cheating, which can be a mask for guilt.

• 13 - Your spouse starts asking you strange questions such as “Do you think that love is really just for one person?”

• 14 - Your spouse buys new, sexy underwear and it's not for you.

• 15 - Your husband demands that your children's toys and stuff never be left in his car.

• 16 - Your spouse stops wearing the wedding ring.

• 17 - Your husband, who hated domestic chores, suddenly always wants to do the laundry for you.

• 18 - There are scratches or bruises on your spouse's back or neck that s/he can't give you any good explanation for.

• 19 - Your spouse suddenly wants to try kinky sex. This may involve having a threesome.

• 20 - She or he suddenly stops having much or any sex with you.

• 21 - She or he suddenly develops a voracious appetite for sex with you which could mean that s/he is trying to preserve the relationship, or it could be a mask for guilt.

• 22 - Your husband insists that he's been working a lot of overtime, but it's not recorded on his pay stubs and you don't see any increase in household income.

• 23 - You accidentally discover that you wife went away on some personal vacation time, but she told you that she had to travel on business.

• 24 - Your spouse suddenly starts many fights with you and, furthermore, whenever this happens she or he soon storms out of the house to go for a drive.

• 25 - She or he suddenly starts showing a keen interest in things she or he has always hated such as certain types of movies or music.

These all are, or might be, signs of infidelity in your marriage or committed love relationship.

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Statistics indicate that about 40% of women and 60% of men at some time during the marriage will indulge in extramarital affairs. When you combine those percentages, that means 80% of marriages will have one spouse or the other involved in marital infidelity at some point.

That means that someone close to you has been, is currently or will be involved in an extramarital affair.

It's possible you will know because you see the signs. Changes in the other person's habits and/or behavior, lack of interest or focus, just feeling that something "isn't right" but not sure what it is.

Maybe he/she will tell you, but most cheating partners do not. Those who hide the affair will keep on hiding.

Learn as much as you can about the common signs of infidelity. And seek professional help to deal with the tremendous emotions such as hurt, embarrassment and anger that will arise when suspecting or finding your partner is cheating in the relationship.

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