Signs of Infidelity in Women - What Are the Signs of Female Infidelity?

Signs of infidelity in women and what are the signs of female infidelity should be understood in a relationship. When you hear about someone cheating, you most likely think about it being a man. However, women can and do cheat as well.

Women are not the only ones with intuition. Men can also feel if something is wrong or if their lady is hiding something from them.

If you have a feeling that something is just not right in the relationship and you feel that she may be seeing someone else chances are, you are likely right.

If you would like to read more about what are the signs of female infidelity and signs of infidelity in women that indicate your wife or girlfriend may be cheating on you, then here are examples:

• 1. Women are creatures of nature and they stick to a schedule. You will find that most women stick to a routine, so it is out of character for them if they suddenly change their daily routine.

For instance, perhaps your lady is always home from work at 5pm. Suddenly, she is going out with the girls after work or perhaps she suddenly has to stay late at work and it happens more then once. You might have cause for suspicion. Does her paycheck reflect the extra hours? Have you met these friends?

• 2. Like men, women like to dress to impress the opposite sex.

If you find that your lady is suddenly dressing up more or she is wearing makeup when she normally doesn't, there might be someone else in the picture and one of the signs of infidelity in women.

She may start to dress sexier or go and buy new clothes or she may even go for a new hair style with sexier makeup.

The point is that she is paying extra attention to her appearance for a reason. You might wish to find out what that reason is.

• 3. One sure fire way to tell your lady has been with another man is by the smell of men's cologne on her. Men have a distinct cologne that they wear and it will rub off on someone if they are close enough to him.

If she comes home smelling like men's cologne, there might be a problem. She may tell you that she ran into an old friend or she saw a family member to smooth things over which is ok if it is just that one time. If it happens on a regular basis then you most likely have a problem.

• 4. Does she have a new friend that is male and she keeps telling you that they are just friends? While that may be true, be careful as this is the perfect scenario for an affair.

• 5. Check her cell phone usage and history. Most women try to hide their conversations with lovers by using their cell phone as they can delete the text messages and call log - but you can check the bill.

This can be hard though if you do not share the same bill and cell company with her. If you do have access, look for unfamiliar numbers as well as the frequency of the calls back and forth to this number.

• 6. When a woman cheats, she has a certain level of guilt and this can show in one of two ways. The first would be that she just doesn't have time to be with you. This is because she just feels too guilty to look you in the face.

The other way she will act is that she just can't get enough of you. This is because she is worried that you may catch on to her cheating, so she thinks if she is showering you with affection, you won't suspect anything.

• 7. She may seem irritated with everything you do and when ever you are in an argument, she turns the tables on you and blames you for everything. She may even pick fights so that she can have an excuse to leave the house. This is her way of justifying her infidelity so that she doesn't feel guilty.

Not every woman is a cheater, but if she is cheating on you, you need to be aware of the most common signs of infidelity in women so that you do not stay in the relationship, getting strung along.

In some cases, your girlfriend and you may be having problems and she is looking for someone to pay attention to her. If you can see the signs of infidelity in women, you can stop an affair before it happens and turn your relationship around.

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