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The signs of infidelity in men are something every woman should know. And male menopause and affairs is also a classic situation that should be understood by women who have a relationship with a man in his forties or older.

While women want a man who is faithful, the sad truth is that many men cheat and they do it so well that their wives or girl friends never find out. There are tell tale signs of infidelity in men that will let you know that your man is cheating.

You need to know what to watch out for so you can put an end to it once and for all. Every woman deserves to have a man that will be faithful to her and with the signs listed below, you will know if you have a man that is true to you and you alone.

One of the most obvious signs of infidelity in men is that your man quits telling you that he loves you. This usually means that he has feelings for another woman and he doesn't feel comfortable telling you that he loves you. You will first notice this if he used to always tell you how much he cared for you without you asking him and then he suddenly stops doing it. This is cause for concern as it means he is starting to feel something for someone else.

Another very noticeable sign is if he is suddenly changing the way he dresses. Men always try to impress a woman when they first start seeing them so they may buy a few new shirts or pants. Is your man dressing differently? Does he seem like he is trying to look his best for no apparent reason? If you are answering yes to these questions, chances are he is seeing someone or interested in someone else.

Is he spending more money than usual with nothing to show for it? This is most noticeable to those that share a bank account with their man. Most men do not try to hide their spending habits so you may want to check the credit card bill to see if there are odd charges on the bill. Most common charges would be for a bar tab or restaurant bill where you know you were not with him.

Some men try to better their body so that they can impress a woman. Is your guy suddenly trying to lose weight or work out? This would fall into place with the new clothes as well. This can mean that he is really trying to look good for someone else.

One of the definite signs of infidelity in men is that your guy may be cheating is if he suddenly has to work late frequently when he has never had to work late before. He may be using work as an excuse so that he can go meet up with his mistress. Some men will suddenly have overnight work functions or a business meeting out of town, which if this is not the norm for your man, chances are he is seeing someone.

Men that are cheating act differently with their feelings of guilt. For instance, one man may feel guilty and not want his wife to suspect anything. So he is extra attentive to his wife/girlfriend where another man may withdrawal from intimacy as a result of his infidelity. Either way, a change in the way your guy shows his affection to you is cause for suspicion.

A married man that is cheating may not want to be around the family or engage in family functions such as vacations. He may not want to play with the kids or hang out with everyone on a Sunday afternoon. This is usually due to the fact that he feels guilty and can't face the family. He may seem side tracked or distracted as he is thinking about the other person or their relationship.

Watch out for little lies. If you are finding that your guys stories just don't match up, he might be hiding something.

So what about male menopause and affairs?

Male menopause and affairs is a classic situation where the man senses he is declining in his physical (and perhaps mental) capabilities. To compensate, he may look outside his primary relationship for an affair that can prove his manhood still exists.

Male menopause and affairs can definitely be related!

Often, male menopause and affairs will be with a female that is considerably younger than the man. By seducing a younger woman, the man can feel that his maleness still functions and the decline he actually senses may not be happening after all. Of course, this approach is very misguided!

And the synthetic drug Viagra has become a multi-billion dollar a year seller to help men perform in the bedroom. The problem is, Viagra does not address the underlying health issues that contribute to his declining sexual health in the first place. The drug only provides a temporary solution to sexual performance but with possible serious side effects.

You can read more about male menopause symptoms and natural treatments here.

Male menopause and affairs will NOT address the problems of the man's sexual health and his manhood. Looking outside the relationship for confirmation of his sexuality will not solve the problems that need to be dealt with for real and lasting solutions to his health and relationship challenges.

Understanding the importance of keeping the male hormones in balance is crucial for good male health as one gets older.

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