Dangers and side effects of hormonal contraceptives...

The dangers and side effects of hormonal contraceptives are particularly extensive in young, college-aged females.

Typically doctors are actually more likely to prescribe women hormonal contraceptives since condoms do not seem to be as effective at preventing pregnancy. Contraceptives also lessen the stigma that many people still have when purchasing condoms.

Hormonal contraceptives provide the patient with the safe, comfortable environment to prevent pregnancy, although they may not be that safe at all.

A birth control pill is the most widely used form of hormonal contraceptive. Many doctors prefer to prescribe the pill to avoid the outcome of a possible abortion.

Other forms of hormonal contraception include "Depo Provera" which is a shot given every 5-6 months and the patch which works in a similar way. One doctor who studied the effects of the pill was a female British Doctor known as Ellen Grant.

Ellen Grant has an impressive record of testing birth control pills since the 1960's. Her indictment proved that Birth Control Pills and the other forms of hormonal contraceptive aforementioned cause a variety of troubling, sometimes even fatal symptoms.

In fact, while this doctor initially felt that Birth Control Pills were the answers to overpopulation, her opinion changed after years of study. Women ended up having about six times the risk of stroke that they had before, and women who smoked were far more likely to develop fatal diseases such as melanoma and lung cancer.

Thyroid problems and cancers of the liver also increased in occurrence in her studies. Dr. Grant soon realized that she was not only insuring women wouldn't get pregnant, in addition, they also were developing serious side effects of contraceptives. This was startling for Dr. Ellen Grant.

The overall lessening of immune function was another serious effect. Many of her patients were coming in with colds, flu's and other viruses on a consistent basis. These effects also extended to the children and grandchildren of women who had used Birth Control in the past.

Eventually, this method of prevention also increased the risk of abnormalities that lead to diseases such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, pituitary tumors and a variety of different debilitating conditions.

While some women may not like the idea of having to employ a diaphragms or cervical cap or having her partner use a condom, it at the very least has been shown not to cause any serious side effects. While these methods may be more tedious, they show absolutely no side effects.

Another method which women can use to avoid pregnancy is the rhythm method, in which women track their menstrual cycles and body temperature to know which days sexual activity is more likely to end in pregnancy.

Although the ovulation method is a tedious one, it is likely the safest method a woman can use to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Here is an authoritarian resource on the subject:

Our Bodies, Ourselves

This comprehensive guide covers many important aspects of women’s health and sexuality - including menopause, birth control, childbirth, sexual health, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health and general well-being.

This edition focuses on women’s reproductive health and sexuality, how to find and access health information along with resources stories to educate women about health care injustices and inspire them to work collectively to address them.

This resource includes a very detailed description of exactly how to use the ovulation methods in an effective way that guards against unwanted pregnancies.

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