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Xzite Female Sexual Health Enhancement Dietary Supplement, 500mg Capsules for Sexual Health icon


Xzite is composed of three natural Chinese herbs - ligusticom, acanthopanax, and chrysanthemum. Ligusticom, commonly called "lovage" according to the folklore of many Asian countries, has been the principal ingredient in love potions for centuries to improve sexual health.

Acanthopanax is commonly called spiny panax. The word acanthopanax is derived from the Greek words akantha (thorn), pan (all) and akes (remedy); therefore, a spiny/thorny all remedy that led to it being commonly used as a panacea.

The Chinese have used acanthopanax for hundreds of years to treat male impotence and decreased sexual desire in women. Chrysanthemum, a plant of Chinese origin, has also been prescribed by the Chinese for hundreds of years to improve and increase blood circulation.

Xzite stimulates the medulla oblongata, the posterior part of the brain, which is believed to be the part of the brain that regulates moods and emotions.

The three herbs in Xzite act synergistically to increase the blood flow to the genital area and result in muscle relaxation by:

• acting as a precursor to nitric oxide
• increasing nitric oxide production
• increasing sexual arousal
• facilitating and increasing micro vascular circulation by acting as a vasodilator
• increasing clitoral engorgement
• assisting in promoting a relaxed state of mind
• increasing vaginal lubrication
• increasing sexual arousal as well as increasing the ease of achieving orgasm(s)

How to Be a Great Lover by Lou Paget icon


No matter what age we are or how much experience we have, we all want to be great lovers. Most of the sex guides for women, however, have been prudish, esoteric, or incomplete.

The ultimate sexual instruction book for women, How to Be a Great Lover, gives you the down-and-dirty details that you really want to know on exactly what men like and why and shares the proven erotic techniques that make for incredible sex you'll both enjoy.

Ortho Options Delfen Vaginal Contraceptive Foam With Applicator icon


• With Nonoxynol-9 effective birth control.
• For use with condom or alone.
• No hormonal side effects.
• Easy to use.

Ortho Options offers women a full-range of easy-to-use contraceptive product forms that are highly effective, safe and non-hormonal. Ortho Options Delfen Contraceptive Foam is a pure white, greaseless and non-staining contraceptive foam. It contains Nonoxynol-9, making it one of the most effective contraceptives you can use without a prescription.

Kama Sutra Lover's Paintbox, Edible Body Chocolate icon


For those who think chocolate is better than sex, here's a way to indulge in your two favorite passions at once. Brush this incredibly rich chocolate onto someone you love to love, then treat both of you to a sweet feast for the senses.

This Kit Contains:
Dark Chocolate ~ Lures a lover's kisses. Brush it on anywhere and let it work its magic.
Milk Chocolate ~ A chocolate lover's dream. Brush it on and sweet kisses are sure to follow.
White Chocolate ~ A creamy treat. Brush it on a lucky lover and lick it off 'til your heart's content.
Body Brush ~ Create luscious designs on your lover with its teasing touch.

The Kama Sutra Game - The Journey Begins icon


• To have fun developing a deeper understanding of what you and your lover like and want in your intimate relationship.
• To engage in an extended session of lovemaking that builds on anticipation, creativity, adventure, and a progression of physical intimacy.
• To expand you sensory awareness through activities using sight, hearing, taste, smell and...touch.

Hot Sex, How to Do It by Tracey Cox icon


It's perfect bedtime reading for two, an easy-to-follow handbook that cuts straight to the nitty-gritty to deliver candid advice with a healthy dose of humor.

• Foreplay - Not just the appetizer, it can be the main course (and dessert) as well!
• Orgasm - The 30 (if you're lucky) seconds we go to so-o-o-o much effort for.
• Performance Problems - Some of the reasons sex goes wrong and how to get it lustily back on track.
• Everyday Couples, Exceptional Sex - I'm sorry, did you say monogamy or monotony?

O'My O Clitoral Stimulating Gel icon


Enhances sexually intimate activities.
All Natural
O Clitoral Stimulating Gel
enhances sexual health and intimate activities by increasing clitoral sensitivity and improving women's ability to achieve orgasm. This unique product is the only topical stimulant containing all natural ingredients designed for women who want to increase the frequency and intensity of their orgasms - sexual health.

Astroglide Personal Lubricant Sexual Health icon


This product enhances the comfort and ease of intimate activity, sexual health, and acts as a moisturizer for vaginal dryness. Apply a few drops to genital area. Vary the amount to achieve desired lubrication. To enhance condom use, add a small amount to the inner and outer surfaces. This product is petroleum free, condom compatible, long lasting, and water-soluble.

Sliquid Intimate Lubricant H20, Glycerine Free Original Formula icon


• Water based and water soluble
• Glycerin free and fragrance free
• Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
• Latex, rubber and plastic friendly
• Non-staining and unflavored
• Uniquely blended to emulated your body's own natural lubrication
• Formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages

Trojan-Enz Lubricated Latex Condoms, 12 ea icon


America's #1 Condom, Trusted for over 80 years

GNC Men's ArginMax, Tablets 180 ea icon


Men's ArginMax for male sexual fitness is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement that takes a natural approach toward men's sexual health. L-Arginine is an important amino acid and is a building block of nitric oxide, which helps maintain blood vessel tone and plays a key role in sex.

Ginseng has a long history of traditional use. Ginkgo biloba is one of the world's oldest living plants and supports increased peripheral blood flow. Vitamins A, C and E have major roles as antioxidants. B-vitamins are important to the activity of numerous enzymes and in energy metabolism. Selenium is an antioxidant and is important for cellular health and growth in the body. Zinc is important for a variety of metabolic processes in the body and is required for normal reproductive function.

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