Your quit smoking benefit extends your life this many years, depending on when you stop smoking...

When you're ready to stop smoking, you need to know the quit smoking benefits that you'll enjoy.

Now that you've finally made up your mind to give up cigarettes, have you considered which of the ways to quit smoking is best for you? There are some options like nicotine gum or the nicotine patch that can help you stop for good.

One of the ways to cease smoking that many people have success with is taking up a new hobby. Even though many smokers aren't aware of it, smoking consumes a lot of time, particularly for heavier smoker. Every break at work is spent smoking.

The after dinner cigarette takes around 15 minutes, maybe more. Don't forget about the time spent smoking during your lunch hour. The time spent smoking each day can easily add up to several hours.

Instead, spend time playing a favorite sport or take a cooking class at the community center to learn how to prepare gourmet meals. You could also fill your time by spending it with friends and family.

If you keep yourself busy, you won't be constantly thinking about smoking and you'll be on the road to being a life long non-smoker.

Studies have found that on the average, smokers die about 10 years younger than nonsmokers. They also found more than 25 diseases that smoking was related to.

What seems to matter most is when smoking is stopped. Stopping at the age of 60 means one averages an extra three years of life. Quit smoking at age 50 adds an additional six years while quitting at age 40 adds about nine years of life.

There will never be a better time than now to stop smoking.

No matter how you decide or when you decide to quit smoking, you'll enjoy the quit smoking benefits you deserve. Here's to longevity and better health because of stop smoking!

One of the mistakes made in quit smoking programs is using nicotine in the withdrawal stage. Not good!

Would you use alcohol in the process of stopping drinking? Of course not. And smoking cessation works the same way. By using proven herbal remedies in the quit smoking stages, you can enjoy success in your stop smoking effort.

Another of the effective ways to quit smoking is to tell everyone you can think of that you are quitting smoking. By doing this you are accountable to many people. When you find yourself in social situations with these people, it won't be easy for you to just light up.

Additionally, think twice before smoking around your friends that are smokers because it will eventually get back to those that know about your desire to quit.

If you are going to try to give up cigarettes naturally, you should do something to flush the toxins from your body as quickly as possible. Basically, you're going to have to sweat them out.

You can easily go to a local gym and sit in the sauna for as long as possible. This will help flush the poisons from your system which will in turn reduce your nicotine cravings.

Soaking in a bathtub to open your pores will also help. Keep a cool washcloth nearby to dab your face regularly to keep the temperature of your body balanced and reduce some of the edginess you're bound to experience with nicotine withdrawal.

Be sure to keep your body properly hydrated while you're sweating out the toxins. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is very helpful when you are quitting smoking naturally. This will also help you lose some weight and keep your internal organs working properly.

When you take advantage of the different ways to quit smoking naturally, don't forget to take a good quality multivitamin every day. So your immune system can quickly rebuild itself, you will need to provide your body with plenty of Vitamin C as well.

You can use herbs like milk thistle and burdock to help clear the kidneys and liver. This will help your body get rid of free radicals and waste at a normal rate. You may be able to find some homeopathic smoking remedies at a local help food store to help calm your nervous system.

When you are trying the different ways to quit smoking, remember to be patient with yourself. Undoubtedly, there will be days when you want nothing more than to smoke a cigarette.

Don't beat yourself up over the cravings, but be prepared to stop the cravings by doing something else with your hands and your time. Before long, you will be able to call yourself a non-smoker. You deserve it!

Want to see quit smoking products? Here are some effective ones...

Commit Lozenges to Help Stop Smoking

For those who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up. If you smoke your first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, use Commit lozenges to quit smoking.

NicoDerm CQ STEP 1 Clear Nicotine Patches for Quitting Smoking

Quit smoking with nicotine patches help relieve symptoms with NicoDerm:
• Tobacco craving
• Irritability
• Need to eat

To increase your success in quitting:
• You must be motivated to quit.
• Use one patch daily according to directions.
• Complete the full treatment program.
• Do not use patch for more than 8 weeks.
• Use patch with a behavioral support program, such as the one described in the enclosed booklet and on the compact disc that's included.

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