Learn about quit smoking facts and the benefits to quitting smoking including adding several years to your life.

Quit smoking facts and benefits to quitting smoking are constantly related to health risks and the fact that it is an expensive habit. Quitting smoking is something that can be very difficult for some people, particularly people who have been smokers for a very long time. But, it is not impossible to stop!!!

Some doctors believe that if someone continues to smoke past the age of twenty three, it is very unlikely that they will ever quit the habit, though it is still possible.

I did it at age 35 and...I am very happy to be a non-smoker (Linda, the webmaster). I have to say that my first year without smoking was "very" difficult...but I am happy now!!!

Another problem is that many smokers don't see a point in quitting the habit because they feel that they have already caused irreparable damage to their lungs.

The truth is, that the sooner you quit smoking, the quicker your lungs will heal. In fact, if you do quit, your lungs will regain some portion of their original health no matter how long you have been smoking.

There are also a variety of different drugs and medications that can help you on that road to quitting the habit. And quit smoking facts and benefits to quitting smoking will allow you to SAVE thousands of dollars.

Find a quit smoking method that works best for you. If one does not work, try another method...until you finally quit smoking. Don't view it as failure...view it as a journey to finally stop smoking cigarettes.

Some experts claim that one of the reasons that people smoke is because of oral fixations or boredom. People are always walking around with free time on their hands and many of these people spend their free time smoking cigarettes.

Eventually this habit becomes an addiction, because of the nicotine present in cigarettes and many other chemicals. One can become mentally addictive with some addicts even showing physical symptoms such as sweating.

Different smokers smoke different amount of cigarettes, some smoke only a few cigarettes in one day and other smokers are capable of smoking two to three packs of cigarettes daily. Learn about quit smoking facts and benefits to quitting smoking so you can kick this addictive habit out of your life!

No matter how much you smoke, it is possible to quit smoking and all that you need is the willpower, though if necessary, there are medications which can be taken. Some of these medications work for some people and not for others.

Some people who work in a stressful job claim that it is more difficult to quit smoking as smoking is many times used as a way to relieve stress and boredom. Well... if you want to quit smoking... you will have to deal with the nicotine addiction.

More quit smoking facts - what many people don't know or understand is that there are plenty of healthy ways to end stress that doesn't involve smoking cigarettes. One of the ways to relieve the oral fixation which is experienced with cigarettes is to chew something like gum, which might be a good idea for instance.

Dealing with the psychological dependence to smoke, however, isn't as easy as simply chewing a stick of gum. You have to want to quit and believe that you can quit to be able to do so. The even harder part about quitting is not smoking later on. After all, if you're going to quit - you'll want to quit for good.

Nicotine is the real culprit in the whole situation and more than likely the chemical responsible for making you want to continue smoking in the first place. When you inhale cigarette smoke, the nicotine laden smoke works itself to the very bottom of your lungs where it is carried off into the bloodstream.

QUIT SMOKING FACTS - the nicotine is delivered in less than a minute through the bloodstream where it hits the brain and the smoker no longer is in need of a cigarette. The longer you have been smoking, the stronger and more demanding your withdrawal symptoms are.

This same process is generally repeated every hour and the smoker is then obliged to smoke another cigarette. The nicotine receptors in the brain act as tiny little mouths needing to be fed, and when the smoker runs out of nicotine then immediately they will have the desire to get some more.

More quit smoking facts - trying to stop smoking isn't helped by alcohol intake that makes most smokers even more likely to smoke a cigarette. The same is true for caffeinated products such as coffee.

To help you improve your general health, we recommend you take a good quality vitamins/supplements that improve your immune system and sense of well being. Vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and B vitamins are essential to your body and will restore your health.

Dependable support doesn't hurt either, so make sure to tell your friends and your family members that you plan to quit smoking.

This way, if you decide to falter, you will have people supporting you and also people who believe in you and who are willing to help you quit smoking.

More quit smoking facts - an estimated 35,000 people die every single year merely by secondhand smoke, not counting the almost half a million that die from smoking alone. Cigarette smoking does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING POSITIVE FOR YOU!!!!

Don't forget that you hurt other people with your smoking because your second-hand smoke actually carries even more cancer causing chemichals once it comes into contact with the air and other people are forced to breathe this.

Another issue that is relatively serious is that secondhand smoke is actually also a contributor to other forms of cancer, such as breast cancer. This is one of the major reasons why it is important to stop smoking. Also, children have adverse reactions from secondhand smoke in the home, developing conditions such as asthma, emphysema and eventually bronchitiis.

Even if you live by yourself, you are likely going to add a terrible smell to your furniture, clothing, sofas and if you have any pets, then they will also suffer. Quit smoking facts - most people will dislike the smell and taste of the tobacco until they become addicted.

Maybe you think that the only place to get a good smoke and not harm anyone except for yourself is outside of your home. Unfortunately, even outside of your home passers-by will be affected by your secondhand smoke. Not to mention that many public areas are patronized by children, so smoking is even bad outside.

Smoking cigarettes outdoors doesn't mean that the smoke goes harmlessely up into the atmosphere. Cigarette smoke has a lot of tar in it which can actually get stuck in synthetic fibers such as clothing and even human hair, so no matter where you smoke, someone is going to suffer.

The only safe place to smoke is outdoors with no other people around, and even then smoking is still extremely dangerous to you as a person and has a possibility of causing not only lung cancer but serious heart problems.

Smoking is a powerful drug has been shown to contribute to heart disease significiantly as well as contribute to ailments associated with the lungs such as bronchitiis, pneumonia and also emphysema.

There are many ways to stop smoking cigarettes and some of these ways might be a bit more effective than others. Depending on your level of addiciton, you will be able to choose just what sort of treatment is best for you. Please become a NON-SMOKER!!!

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