What is Natural Progesterone?

Progesterone is a precursor hormone that can be converted by the body into the other essential hormones in a women's body.

Hormones function in the body the following way:

CHOLESTEROL in the body gets converted into ---> PREGNENOLONE, and the pregnenolone gets converted into --->PROGESTERONE. The body then uses progesterone ---> to generate the other hormones such as estrogens (estridiol, estrone, and estriol), testosterone and corticosteroids.

If the body is deprived of its required amount of progesterone, the production of the other related hormones can be severely limited and cause hormone imbalance.

Natural Progesterone is the name of the hormone produced by the corpus luteum after ovulation and in smaller quantities by the adrenal glands.

This hormone is synthesized in humans in a biochemical pathway leading from cholesterol to pregnenolone to progesterone.

In turn, this hormone is the precursor of corticosteroids and testosterone. Progesterone is also synthesized by the placenta during pregnancy.

Taking natural progesterone will not create an excess of these other hormones but rather help you eliminate premenopause and menopausal symptoms or correct hormone imbalance or deficiency that you may be experiencing.

Without progesterone, women could not have periods every month, and they could not bring new life into the world. One of its functions is to balance the actions of estrogen, a second hormone found in the body. Also, progesterone will not work without at least some estrogen to prime its receptors!

Natural Progesterone is identically the same hormone as found in the body, but is produced by a scientific process from the extract of the Mexican wild yam.

Also, natural progesterone is bio-identical which means that it is the same as the body makes, which makes it more effective and with greater protective benefits.

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Progestins are synthetic replacements for progesterone, and are NOT identical to what is made in the body, and are NOT the same as natural progesterone.

When your doctor says he/she is prescribing "progesterone" for you, your doctor generally means a "progestin", something that's different and manufactured and sold under a pharmaceutical trade name.

Women need progesterone for several reasons. Several other hormones are made from it in the body.

Also, progesterone maintains the endometrium in the uterus both during the menstrual cycle and during a pregnancy, if one occurs.

Supplementation with the hormone progesterone is done in the form of a topical cream which is applied directly to - and absorbed by - the skin. You'll also enjoy the way natural progesterone cream softens and moisturizes your skin.

The suppliers recommended on this site produce natural progesterone cream with the amount of natural progesterone (2-3%USP) recommended by Dr. John R. Lee. That gives you 20-25 mg of progesterone per 1/4 teaspoon of cream, which is about the same your body would be producing were you ovulating.

The longer a woman uses the Natural Progesterone Cream, the greater the benefits. And if you apply the cream on a daily basis, you may find that most of your menopause symptoms will go away.

Worried about possible side effects? Learn more about natural progesterone side effects.

To eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance, use bioidentical progesterone cream supplementation !

Online, there is a hormone profile test you can take to see if your symptoms fall into one of several common categories. Once you've taken the hormone profile test, consider using daily natural progesterone cream supplementation, high-grade multiple vitamins and supplements plus Omega-3 fatty acids to begin giving your body the support that it's probably been missing.

The cause of hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms can be signs that your body is not getting the support it needs. Take the online womens health test here.

Get started TODAY to reclaim your health and your life...and eliminating your symptoms.

Begin with an effective approach - providing your endocrine system with the support it needs. Chances are, you'll not be disappointed!

Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and has no known side effects. Women have been using it safely for the last 30 years. The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM. Read more about natural progesterone supplementation here.

You will need supplemental progesterone if ovulation is missed or if you are no longer having periods. To balance your hormones, natural progesterone is what you need to safely reduce or eliminate menopause symptoms.

Natural Progesterone is very beneficial in treating or preventing:

• Cramping,
• Insomnia,
• Miscarriages,
• Infertility,
• Incontinence,
• Endometriosis,
• Hot flashes,
• Night sweats,
• Osteoporosis,
• Vaginal dryness,
• Yeast infections,
• Hypoglycemia.

Progesterone is the missing ingredient for increasing vitality, enhancing sexual libido and reducing sleep disturbances. After menopause, estrogen production drops, but it can still be 40-60% of what it was before menopause.

Natural estrogens that are identical to those made by the human body are easily available in the form of creams, tablets and patches. The safest one is estriol according to Dr. John R. Lee, so there is no reason to take synthetic estrogen.

It is also possible that fluctuating estrogen production levels in the body result in a temporary estrogen deficiency that causes menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

Women that have symptoms of menopause should try to have a good diet, take the best nutritional supplements we recommend, take omega-3 fatty acids, get plenty of exercise, and use natural progesterone and natural estrogen supplementation as needed to reverse most of these symptoms.

Natural Progesterone will restore balance and is beneficial in treating or preventing:

• Irregular menstrual flow,
• Cramping,
• Bloating,
• Natural antidepressant,
• Irritability,
• Migraine headaches,
• Insomnia,
• Hot flashes,
• Night sweats,
• Vaginal dryness,
• Infertility,
• Incontinence,
• Endometriosis,
• Osteoporosis,
• Restores sex drive,
• Protects against breast cancer,
• Endometrial cancer,
• Normalizes blood sugar levels,
• Natural diuretic,
• Normalizes blood clotting,
• Uses fat for energy,
• Protects against breast fibrocysts,
• Prevents migraines,
• Thyroid imbalance,
• Prevents breast cancer,
• Important for the survival of embryo,
• Stimulates new bone formation,
• Decreases risk of prostate cancer,
• Is the primary precursor for adrenal corticosteroids, estrogens (estriol, estrone and estradiol) and testosterone produced by testes in males.

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