Learn all about progesterone menopause and cream menopause progesterone treatment for menopause symptoms.

Learn the importance of progesterone menopause for men and women with cream menopause progesterone treatment.

Natural cream menopause progesterone treatment for women experiencing menopause is superior to the synthetic progestins both because of the numerous benefits and the lack of dangerous side effects that natural progesterone has.

Natural progesterone cream for menopause has been formulated into a cream that gets absorbed when used by trans-dermal delivery (through the skin).

Use half of a teaspoon of the cream in the morning after your bath or shower and the other portion at night before going to bed.

Using the bioidentical progesterone cream at night is recommended because it will help you sleep better and relax.

Apply the cream in a different location of the body every other day for better results and absorption. Your breasts, face, hands, bottom of your feet, legs, arms, belly...are all perfect good areas to apply it.

With natural progesterone cream, you can treat and prevent hormone imbalance which can cause menopause symptoms such as:

Depression and anxiety,
• Irritability,
• Incontinence,
• Hot flashes,
• Vaginal dryness,
Osteoporosis and bone loss,
• Heart diseases,
• Night sweats and
• Irregular menstrual flow.

Natural progesterone is the name of the hormone produced by the corpus luteum after ovulation, in smaller quantities by the adrenal glands and by the testes in men.

Progesterone is also the most important hormone of fertility and pregnancy, plus it is the precursor of testosterone, estrogen and the important adrenal cortical hormones.

This hormone is synthesized in humans in a biochemical pathway leading from cholesterol to pregnenolone to progesterone. In turn, progesterone is needed by the body to produce corticosteroids and testosterone.

Progesterone is also synthesized by the placenta during pregnancy in large quantities. Learn more about natural progesterone menopause.

USP 'United States Pharmacopia' progesterone cream for menopause used for natural hormone replacement therapy and natural hormones benefits to relieve premenopause symptoms comes from plant fats and oils, which is extracted from a type of wild yam that grows in Mexico or from soybeans.

This substance is called diosgenin and natural progesterone cream provides the same molecule that your body makes.

Men and women looking for progesterone cream for menopause and cream menopause progesterone treatment should be aware that natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and women have been using it safely for the last 40 years.

The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone menopause CREAM.

Bioidentical hormones will correct hormone imbalance, will allow you to have more energy and better memory.

You may find you are able to sleep better and be less irritable plus many other gynecological benefits that will support your health.

Progesterone and estrogen are hormones that counterbalance each other in the human body.

To have symptoms of premenopause means that men and women are hormone imbalanced and that progesterone no longer neutralizes and balances the dangers of excess estrogen and hormone imbalance symptoms.

Here's a list of what natural progesterone menopause or progesterone cream for menopause protects against in the body:

• Irregular menstrual flow will be improved,
• Help with cramping or muscular contractions with pain,
• Digestive problems,
• Bloating and water retention,
• Natural progesterone is a natural antidepressant,
• Irritability,
• Prevents migraines and headaches,
• Will help you with insomnia and sleep disorders,
• Improves hot flashes and night sweats,
• Vaginal dryness,
• Infertility,
• Incontinence,
• Will give some level of success to endometriosis,
• Osteoporosis and reverse bone loss,
• Restores low sex drive,
• Protects against breast cancer,
• Endometrial cancer,
• Normalizes blood sugar levels,
• Natural diuretic,
• Normalizes blood clotting,
• Uses fat for energy,
• Protects against breast fibrocysts,
• Improves thyroid imbalance,
• Prevents breast cancer,
• Important for the survival and development of the embryo,
• Stimulates new bone formation,
• Decreases risk of prostate cancer,
• Progesterone menopause is the primary precursor for adrenal corticosteroids, estrogens (estriol, estrone and estradiol) and testosterone produced by testes in males.

Most suppliers that produce natural progesterone cream recommended on this website produce the amount of natural progesterone (2-3%USP).

This means that you should uses 20-25 mg of progesterone cream twice daily, which is about the same your body would be producing were you ovulating.

Men and women using progesterone menopause, progesterone cream for menopause, cream menopause progesterone treatment and cream menopause progesterone symptom for menopause symptoms should massage the cream twice daily to different areas of your body.

Use natural progesterone cream as indicated on the container. Men and women using large doses of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may experience sleepiness and lowered sex drive.

When using natural progesterone cream for menopause, make sure you apply it anytime after a warm bath or shower, not before.

Make sure you exercise regularly 4-5 times a week. Maintaining a healthy weight is recommended. With exercise, women improve their sex lives and reduce symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Exercise is known to improve your anxiety, mood swings, it also boosts your immune system which helps protect you from infectious diseases and give you stronger muscles and bones.

Taking a high quality nutritional womens vitamin supplement and omega-3 fatty acids with ubiquinol will help with hormonal imbalance in women and hormone imbalance in menopause.

These supplements should be taken on a regular basis to help ensure that your body has enough of the nutrients needed to perform and to give you more energy and vitality.

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