Use this information on prenatal vitamins in addition to having a well-balanced diet.

Here is important information on prenatal vitamins and pregnant women. Please understand, besides taking prenatal vitamins, eating a well-balanced diet throughout the pregnancy is highly advised.

However, you may find it somewhat difficult to eat sufficient foods that will supply you with such essential nutrients as calcium, folic acid and iron. That's why physicians frequently advise or prescribe supplements.

Here are prenatal vitamins values for calcium, folic acid and iron...

CALCIUM: The US Public Health Service recommends 1,000-1,500mg a day for a pregnant or nursing woman. You may also need to take a separate calcium supplement.

FOLIC ACID: The recommended amount of folic acid needed daily by a woman of childbearing age is 600 micrograms. Making sure you get this amount each day whether or not you're pregnant is important.

IRON: 30mg of iron a day is the recommended amount for a pregnant woman. That amount may be difficult to get through diet.

Here are quality pre natal multi vitamins for pregnant women that are available online.

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Prenatal vitamins and maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy affects both the mother's well-being and the infant's growth. As the baby goes through early phases of development, your nutritional needs may increase.

A balanced diet focusing extra attention to nutrients like calcium and folic acid is recommended. After delivery, an adequate diet is needed to support nursing and to replace depleted nutrients.

Prenatal vitamins weight gain information.

Prenatal vitamins weight gain is a term related to vitamin supplementation during pregnancy and weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

Gaining weight during pregnancy has little to do with vitamins, rather, weight gain is directly related to your calorie intake while pregnant. Weight gain during your pregnancy is crucial for a healthy pregnancy.

See your health care provider to determine what weight gain would be appropriate for you and your pregnancy - weight gains of 20, 25, even 35 pounds are common and normal today.

YOUR expected and actual weight gain during your pregnancy should be monitored throughout your pregnancy. Most of your weight gain should occur in the last trimester in general.

Eating at least three meals a day and eating a healthy balanced diet should be your goal. Remember, most of the babies organs are formed during the early weeks of pregnancy.

This may be happening even before you realize you're pregnant! Eating a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and good fats is best.

Postnatal vitamins and nutrients

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