Learn about premature menopause symptoms and premature menopause weight gain.

Are you experiencing premature menopause symptoms? Symptoms of premature menopause are, to name a few:

• Increased body fat,
• Premature menopause weight gain,
• Salt and water retention,
• Hair loss and hair thinning,
• Depression and anxiety,
• Irritability,
• Headaches or migraines,
• Decreased sex drive,
• Blood clotting,
• Heart disease and high blood pressure,
Memory problems or memory loss,
• Arthritis and pain in the joints,
• Forgetfulness,
• Hot flashes,
• Night sweats,
• Sleep disturbances or difficulty sleeping,
• Insomnia,
• Urinary tract infections,
• Osteoporosis and
• Breast cancer.

First, recognize there are four stages of menopause:

• 1- Premenopause,
• 2- Perimenopause,
• 3- Menopause,
• 4- Postmenopause.

In most industrialized countries, women can experience a menopause premature symptom as early as in their early thirties.

Perimenopause can be defined as the months or even years just prior to menopause with the permanent cessation of menstrual periods. Menopause becomes official when you have not experienced a period for 12 consecutive months.

Most women go through premenopause and perimenopause stages before they reach menopause. During your early 30's women's hormones begin to fluctuate causing several hormone imbalance symptoms - this stage is called "premenopause".

During premenopause, you could be having the following symptoms:

• Weight gain,
• PMS,
• Hair thinning,
• Fibrocystic breasts or lumpy breasts,
• Hair loss,
• Hair growth in the wrong places,
• Headaches or migraines,
• Water retention and bloating,
• Less interest in sex,
• Fibroids,
• Endometriosis,
• Depression,
• Irritability,
• Mood swings,
• Low energy levels,
• Allergy symptoms,
• Low metabolism and,
• Infertility.

There are a variety of factors that cause women to begin having premature menopause symptoms and hormone imbalance so early...these factors are:

• High stress levels,
• Heredity,
• Lack of activity and exercise,
• Poor diet,
Excessive alcohol intake,
• Poor sleep,
• Synthetic HRT or hormone replacement therapy,
• Birth control pills,
• Pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals,
• Industrial pollutants,
• Environmental toxins and pollution found in our daily living.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, "women begin to have anovulatory periods (which means no progesterone is produced) starting in their early 30's and yet do not experience cessation of their periods until their 50's".

Women produce two major hormones in their body called estrogen and progesterone that balance each other before they reach menopause premature.

The amounts of these hormones that the body produces from month to month can vary, depending on factors such as stress, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly - ovulation or the LACK of ovulation (anovulatory periods).

Around the first 10-13 days of your period or menstrual cycle, the only hormone called estrogen is produced in the female body.

When ovulation occurs, your ovaries begin producing progesterone. On day 28-30 or so, levels of both estrogen and progesterone drop, resulting in what is called menstruation.

If ovulation DOES NOT OCCUR, which is common in industrialized societies, you can still have the menstrual period, but the estrogen is never "balanced" by progesterone. To produce progesterone you need to have ovulation.

Estrogen and progesterone need each other! Each of these hormones has a vital role to play in a woman's health. And when thee hormones are not in balance, premenopause and premature menopause symptoms in women are the result.

To eliminate hormone imbalance and premature menopause weight gain, consider the following changes!

1- Use natural progesterone cream supplementation for premature menopause symptoms. Progesterone is the precursor of other sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone and helps use fat for energy.

• This cream is a bio-identical natural progesterone cream for women that are experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms, premature menopause symptoms, symptoms premature menopause, premature menopause pregnancy, premature menopause weight gain and does a tubal ligation cause premature menopause.

• Progesterone is a natural diuretic, normalizes blood sugar levels, functions as a natural antidepressant, builds bone and protects you against osteoporosis.

• BHRT or natural progesterone cream supplementation that will help you achieve balance once again and will eliminate menopause premature symptoms.

• Bioidentical natural progesterone and can be absorbed into the bloodstream on a continuous basis as the body needs it. Make sure you rotate the cream among 3 or 4 different skin places on different days.

• The best places to place natural progesterone cream are the palms, chest, breasts, face, neck and the soles of your feet. Place some of the cream in the morning and some at night before you go to sleep.

2- Take Xtend Total Balance Women's Premium for hormone imbalance and symptoms premature menopause allows you to sleep better, improve your energy levels and will give you a stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system.

Taking these vitamins can make you less likely to get colds, flu’s and viruses, perhaps reducing some of your allergies and can give you a sharper and clearer mind.

Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, neuronutrients, bioflavonoids, carotonoids, herb extracts, enzymes and important co-factor ingredients are all included.

Take high-quality nutritional supplements with high potency extracts proven to support the balancing of female hormones both for premenopause, premature menopause symptoms, symptoms premature menopause, premature menopause pregnancy and premature menopause weight gain.

3- Xtend Omega-3 and DHA fish oil should be taken with your multiple vitamins/supplements - omega-6 produces strong inflammatory reactions in your body while omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties.

When omega-6 and omega-3 are balanced, you can experience optimal health. Today, because of diet, modern methods of food production and nutritional deficiencies, most men and women are omega-3 fatty acids deficient.

But the good news is that you can take these supplements and improve your diet by not eating processed foods and fast foods. Cold-water fish, deep-sea fish and fresh hormone-free meats plus organic vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, fruits and a variety of whole foods should be part of your daily diet.

Does a tubal ligation cause premature menopause symptom?

Does tubal ligation cause premature menopause? Tubal ligation procedure can cause excessive abnormal bleeding. Cramps and disruption of the normal blood between the fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus can also occur.

Women who undergo tubal sterilization have an increased risk of hysterectomy or ectopic pregnancy. These are some of the known side effects of a tubal sterilization.

Does a tubal ligation cause premature menopause? According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, "after a tubal ligation, women will produce lower progesterone levels after this procedure" which is her answer to the question - does tubal ligation cause premature menopause.

Does a tubal ligation cause premature menopause?
For premature menopause symptoms and premature menopause weight gain, take a high-quality daily nutritional supplement and use natural progesterone supplementation to correct hormone imbalance and treat premenopause and menopause premature symptoms.

If women stay hormone balanced by resolving premature menopause symptoms and take care of themselves by having a balanced diet and exercise, their aging process will happen later in life and will be more gradual and less debilitating.

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