Find great pregnancy books for mom to be!

Pregnancy books exist that cover a wide range of topics. From getting pregnant to having a healthy pregnancy to avoiding post partum depression, you can learn so much from others who share their knowledge.

Here are some examples of popular ones to consider:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

This comprehensive fertility book explains in very clear terms how you can practice the fertility awareness method - this is a natural method that is a scientifically proven birth control method.

It is NOT to be confused with the rhythm method of birth control which is known to be ineffective.

The book explains how to use simple fertility signs that include peaks in your morning body temperature plus changes in your cervical mucus that will help you know when you are ovulating and therefore when is the most likely time you can conceive - one of the best pregnancy books.

Natural Guide to Pregnancy & Postpartum Health by Dean Raffelock, Robert Rountree, Virginia Hopkins and Melissa Block.

Having a child can be a most joyful experiences that a woman will ever have.

Many resources exist that give information on how to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

However, not many of them dedicate much coverage to the subjects of how the mother should nourish herself during this time.

Women often have a wide variety of ailments - before, during and after the birth - from depression to anxiety to backaches and loss of libido. This is one of the best books on preparing for pregnancy - educate yourself on what to expect.

The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger.

This is a complete resource on pregnancy and giving birth. Readers are guided through the childbirth experience and it discusses the new alternatives that are now available - online pregnancy book.

The author organizes her book on preparing for pregnancy into five major sections - the first early weeks, the physical and emotional challenges you will need to confront, what you should anticipate for this major event, the birth experience and what to expect with your newborn child.

The author give candid information related to what mothers should know - topics that range from how to navigate hospital birth technology to making your choices when selecting a water home birth.

Her language used no longer assumes that a marriage will be part of this incredible process, instead, she replaces references to "a man" with the term "birthing partner." Birth rooms are used instead of the term delivery rooms. The author is very forth-coming in encouraging readers to create a birth plan.

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