What is the importance of postmenopause and estrogen and progesterone...

Postmenopause is the stage of life when for more than 12 consecutive months, your menstrual periods have completely stopped.

If you still have a menstrual period sporadically, you still are not postmenopausal. Sometimes it takes several years for your menstrual periods to finally stop altogether.

The two primary hormones for a healthy woman are estrogen and progesterone. For a woman concerned about postmenopause and estrogen, her estrogen production drops to 40 or 60 percent of what it once was before menopause.

When you reach menopause, you are no longer ovulating, at this point your progesterone production gets reduced to zero. After the body's progesterone declines to very low levels, the postmenopausal woman experiences several unwanted and unhealthy symptoms.

For example, postmenopause and libido issues, heart disease, strokes, arthritis and osteoporosis can all become major health issues.

During postmenopause, postmenopausal women are at higher risk for:

Breast cancer,
• Wrinkles,
• Urinary incontinence,
Thinning hair and hair loss,
• Cardiovascular disease,

Practically all of these postmenopausal symptoms, as well as others, are related directly to the condition called "estrogen dominance" discussed in the "Hormone Imbalance" section on this site.

If you are a postmenopausal woman, natural progesterone supplementation is what you should be doing for yourself as soon as possible. Your body no longer makes this critical hormone since ovulation has ceased!

Natural progesterone supplementation is the most important step in solving hormone imbalance which causes postmenopause symptoms. Learn more about how hormone imbalance causes postmenopause symptoms here.

When both hormones - estrogen and progesterone - are balanced in your body, you become more energetic, optimistic, and disease free.

Postmenopausal women should balance their hormones with natural progesterone and natural estrogen!

Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and women have been using it safely for the last 30 years. The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM. Apply it to your skin where it can be absorbed into the underlying fat layer.

The natural progesterone can then be absorbed into the blood stream on a continuous basis as the body needs it.

Make sure you always apply the cream after your bath or shower. Don't apply it before - it will wash off!

Massage 1/2 teaspoon of cream twice daily to hands, inner arms, face, belly, neck, thighs or breasts until absorbed, alternating application sites. Rotate among 3 or 4 different areas in the body, for better absorption.

Use the smaller portion of the cream in the morning and the larger dab at night before you go to sleep. The cream will help you sleep better and stay calmer.

Use for 21 or 25 days or as needed. Do not use for 5 days and repeat every month. This timing is done to mimic what your body would be doing were you still ovulating. Read more about the benefits of using natural progesterone cream.

To balance your hormones, natural progesterone is what you need to safely reduce or eliminate postmenopause symptoms.

Natural progesterone has an important role in helping to restore hormone balance in the body.

One of the safest hormonal supplements, progesterone is essential in regulating estrogen, testosterone, aldosterone and cortisone.

This simply means that progesterone is a precursor hormone that can be converted by the body into the other essential hormones in a women's body.

Progesterone cream has been clinically formulated to help bring the balance to a woman's body throughout change-of-life transitions using herbs, vitamins and other natural ingredients.

Natural progesterone cream is a bio-identical product which means it's the same as the body makes. Natural hormones are safer, more effective and have greater protective benefits. Postmenopause women also have the option to use natural progesterone cream and phytoestrogen together in the same product.

Author and family physician Dr. John Lee and Dr. Christina Northrup write extensively about postmenopause and libido issues and the importance of replacing missing natural progesterone once ovulation no longer occurs.

During postmenopause, estrogen production drops, but it can still be 40-60% of what it was before menopause.

It is possible that fluctuating estrogen production levels in the body lead to a temporary estrogen deficiency that causes postmenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, urinary tract infections and memory loss.

Go to the estrogen section to order natural estriol cream and to read more about the subject. Not only can it help eliminate postmenopause symptoms, it is also a great anti-aging skin cream.

To find bio-identical (same as in the body) estrogen products to help postmenopause women prevent hot flashes, night sweats, urinary tract infections, bone loss, memory loss and vaginal dryness - go to the natural estrogen section.

Postmenopausal women should take high quality multiple vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids for better health and hormone imbalance.

Make sure you take one of the best vitamins for women every day. Women do benefit greatly from supplementing their diet with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and herbs since it is difficult to eat perfectly each day. Vitamins are organic compounds that the human body needs for growth, health and reproduction and to maintain normal body functions.

Total Balance Premium Women's Vitamins for Postmenopause - this daily nutritional supplement has high-potency extracts proven to support the balancing of female hormones both before and postmenopausal.

Containing more than 80 nutrients, many of these extracts have been established in multiple clinical studies to help reduce the incidence of PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women experiencing menopause and postmenopause symptoms.

Some vitamins are essential for growth, repair and maintenance of cells in the body. Others control biological processes in the different cell functions.

Women with postmenopause symptoms should also take a daily supplement of calcium citrate, magnesium taurate, vitamin D and vitamin C (all of these plus much more is included in the Total Balance Premium).

• Increase your consumption of cold-water fish to 3 times a week (salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod). Cold-water fish is a good source of protein and of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Fish oils are good for arthritis symptoms, they help lower cholesterol and thin the blood.

Farmed salmon is often artificially colored with added synthetic pigments to mask its naturally-occurring, unappetizing pale gray color.

By contrast, wild salmon eat an all-natural marine diet rich in krill and shrimp; these natural prey give wild salmon its beautiful meat color, which ranges from pink to orange to red across species.

More lifestyle changes that improve postmenopause symptoms!

During postmenopause, women need to maintain an optimal weight. If you are overweight, you should exercise daily to control your weight. It is important for osteoporosis treatment to stay active and to avoid obesity.

• By exercising, postmenopause women will begin sleeping better, having more energy, looking younger, and bones and connective tissues will be stronger. You will start losing weight and maintaining a more positive outlook. The list goes on! The key is to make exercise a regular habit.

With exercise, postmenopause women have better sex lives. Exercise is known to improve your mood, and it boosts your immune system, which protects you from infectious diseases.

Your heart and blood vessels will love it... this will keep your blood circulating throughout your body with less effort. Your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure will decrease.

Nutrition is a key factor in the health of postmenopausal women. Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables in your diet. If you do not like vegetables, make vegetable juices. They are delicious!

Fresh vegetables or vegetable juices, eaten on a daily basis, are one of our best protections against coronary heart disease and cancer.

Health and fitness begin with proper hydration. So why not maintain a hydration habit during this year and for years to come? You will look and feel better. Staying hydrated begins with drinking 8 or 10 glasses of clean water each day. It's that simple.

Buying a good water filter is recommended to eliminate chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other toxic substances found in tap water. You will be surprised how much better filtered water will taste, as compared to regular tap water.

Learn more about the benefits of water and how important it is for your health to use a quality water filter.
Bring your body into balance!
You are never too young or too old to enjoy life!

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