Learn about post menopause symptoms and estrogen production post menopause.

Are you experiencing post menopause symptoms?
Post menopause syndrome can occur between the ages of 44 and 55 and the standard definition is when menstrual periods have completely stopped for more than 12 months.

Postmenopause syndrome can also be surgically induced by hysterectomy at any age and afterward you can no longer have children or menstrual periods.

After menopause, every women will be affected differently and they will be at higher risk for:

• breast cancer,
• hair loss,
• post menopausal weight gain,
• wrinkly skin,
• urinary incontinence,
• low sex drive,
• cardiovascular disease,
• fibroids post menopause,
• osteoporosis.

Books and products for gain menopause post weight and post induced menopause bleeding.

At the same time, since there is no longer any ovulation, progesterone production drops to almost zero.

After the body's progesterone declines to this "zero" level, the postmenopausal woman is open to a number of unhealthy symptoms and post menopausal hormone surges.

For a woman concerned about post menopausal symptoms and estrogen production post menopause, her estrogen production drops to 40 or 60 percent of what it once was before menopause.

Since progesterone and estrogen should balance each other in the healthy body to avoid hormone imbalance, women with post menopausal symptoms should begin with natural progesterone supplementation.

When both hormones - estrogen and progesterone - are balanced in your body, you become more energetic, optimistic, and disease free. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and natural progesterone supplementation will provide menopausal women with the solution for their symptoms.

The reason for signs and symptoms after you stop ovulating is more likely progesterone deficiency, not estrogen deficiency.

And the easiest and effective form of progesterone supplementation is with natural progesterone cream.

Natural progesterone cream is a "bio-identical" product, which means it's the exact same hormone as the body makes, not a synthetic version. Natural hormones are safer, more effective and have greater protective benefits.

There are several causes that give women fibroids post menopause, estrogen production post menopause, gain menopause post weight and much more...the causes other than progesterone deficiency are these - stressful lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, exposure to pollutants and chemicals and excessive alcohol intake.

Women with postmenopause syndrome and problems can improve their health by taking a high quality daily women's nutritional supplement, using bio identical hormone replacement therapy (natural progesterone cream) and avoiding pollutants and chemicals by using natural cleaning products.

Use the information on this website to learn more that you can do for yourself for better health.

Dr John R. Lee's Menopause Book on Natural Progesterone with co-author Virginia Hopkins

This menopause guidebook explains how you can solve your hormone imbalance, how Dr. Lee reversed osteoporosis in his women patients without using synthetic hormones.

This is the most important book for women experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms. It discusses in detail the benefits of natural progesterone therapy in his clinic and the politics of the medical and drug establishment with hormone imbalance and menopause.

If you want more information on treating post menopause naturally, this guidebook should help you with these and related health issues and symptoms.

Best vitamins for women with postmenopausal syndrome. Take Omega-3 fatty acids and natural progesterone supplementation.

Total Balance Women's Premium for post menopause syndrome. These daily women's vitamins should be considered one of the basics for womens health. A one-a-day vitamin is a waste of time and money.

The meaningful health benefits are found in the other high potency nutrients that will support the balancing of female hormones both before and after menopause.

The nutrients in this daily vitamin supplement are ingredients that have been established in clinical studies to help reduce PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women experiencing menopause symptoms.

These supplements will support a woman for estrogen production post menopause, gain menopause post weight, postmenopausal syndrome and other estrogen-deficiency related hormone imbalance symptoms you may be experiencing.

This product is so complete, there's no need to take several different supplements. In addition to this daily supplement, fish oil (for Omega 3) and natural progesterone cream supplementation are the only other supplements the editors of www.safemenopausesolutions.com take daily. It's cost effective and healthy!

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are essential to your health. When omega-6 and omega-3 are balanced in the body they both promote optimal health. When out of balance, they throw the body into chaos.

Omega-3 fatty acids help you with depression and bipolar disorder, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol plus it has anti-inflammatory properties.

This omega-3 supplement should be taken with the multiple vitamins and supplements above - omega-3 fatty acids saves lives. Fish oil, according to Dr. Andrew Stoll, helps thin the blood, improves arthritis symptoms and is essential to the evolution of the human brain.

Balance your hormones with bioidentical progesterone cream!

Natural progesterone supplementation with natural progesterone cream should be considered because they are identical to the hormones found in the human body. Read more about USP natural progesterone here.

Natural progesterone cream supplementation for post menopause syndrome should never be used before you take a shower or bath.

Spread the cream after you take your bath or shower! Use the larger portion of the cream at night, before you go to bed and the smallest portion in the morning.

Make sure when you use progesterone cream, that you rotate daily the different areas that are recommended, for better absorption.

The areas that are recommended are the chest, breasts, neck, face, bottom of your feet, palms, arms and palms. Progesterone deficiency is the major cause of hormone imbalance, which in turn will give you premenopause and menopausal symptoms.

After menopause, the body stops producing progesterone since it's triggered only by ovulation. At the same time, estrogen is still produced at 40% to 60% levels before menopause.

Estrogen and progesterone both have important roles to play in everyday life.

But to have one without the other results in hormone imbalance. And this imbalance causes premenopause and menopause symptoms.

USP natural progesterone is bio identical natural progesterone cream for fibroids post menopause symptoms, estrogen production post menopause, post menopause syndrome and post menopause weight gain.

After using natural progesterone cream, if you continue to experience hot flashes, night sweats, urinary tract infections, bone loss, memory loss and vaginal dryness - make sure you use natural estrogen supplementation.

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