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PMS relief requires an understanding of the definition of PMS. PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women beginning 10 to 14 days prior to menstruation.

Of the estimated 40 million suffers, more than 5 million require some type of medical treatment for mood swings, depression, allergies and behavioral changes.

Finding PMS relief means knowing the factors that increase the risk of having PMS. These factors include:

• Having a great deal of stress in your life.

• Lack of exercise. Women who exercise regularly have fewer PMS symptoms because exercise reduces stress, tension and improves your mood swings. Exercising at least three times weekly for 20-30 minutes is recommended.

• If you have hormone imbalance, you will experience stronger PMS symptoms. Women with PMS have lower levels of progesterone than normal at the time of their menstrual cycle. Because progesterone calms the central nervous system and reduces most PMS symptoms, for PMS relief it is recommended that you use natural progesterone cream supplementation.

• Women that suffer side effects from birth control pills or after going on or off birth control pills are more likely to have more PMS symptoms.

• If you have poor nutritional habits, eat processed foods and high sugar foods and sodas - you may also experience more PMS signs.

• Tubal ligations, IUD's, toxemia during pregnancy all seem to trigger PMS signs.

• Excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, salt, sweets and dairy products can also contribute to PMS symptoms.

• PMS usually starts during the years that a woman begins to menstruate but the most severe symptoms occur in women in their 20's and 30's. In your late 20's or 30's the risk of PMS will increase.

Books to help with PMS relief...

The PMDD Phenomenon - Breakthrough Treatments for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and Extreme Premenstrual Syndrome by Diana L. Dell, Carol Svec

The first book to clearly explain this new disorder and offer treatment options Afflicting an estimated 3 million women in the United States, PMDD is an extreme form of PMS in which the physical and psychological symptoms are often so severe that they strain social, familial and work relationships to the breaking point.

Despite the rapidly growing body of scientific research into its causes and cures, PMDD continues to be a bone of contention among medical professionals, and many women who suffer from it are still told that it's all in their heads. The first consumer book written on this condition and authored by a nationally respected expert on the treatment of this condition.

The PMDD Phenomenon helps readers determine whether they have PMDD and explains the full spectrum of prescription and nonprescription drug therapies covers major alternative treatments. Features inspiring and informative case studies of women who have battled PMDD for PMS relief.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause by John Lee, Jesse Hanley, Virginia Hopkins

If you are between 30 and 50 and are experiencing PMS, PMS symptoms, weight gain, memory loss, fibroids, endometriosis, irritability, tender or lumpy breasts and many other symptoms... you may be suffering from premenopause symptoms and need to do something about it. This book provides informative and practical health information for PMS relief.

PMS: Solving the Puzzle - Sixteen Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome and What to Do About It by Linaya Hahn

This self-help guide allows women to identify the problems causing their PMS (over sixteen different causes are identified here, with different treatment recommendations).

This book helps you eliminate or reduce PMS symptoms and PMS relief. From adjusting diet to understanding the importance of sleep quality, this resource provides strong tips.

Taking Back the Month - A Personalized Solution for Managing PMS and Enhancing Your Health by Diana Taylor, Stacey Colino

PMS relief and PMS are serious business that can greatly benefit from serious treatment. This book helps you carefully track symptoms and by following the recommendations and questionnaires.

You'll discover exactly which of your aches, pains, and mood swings are attributable to PMS and which might require additional diagnostic aid. Sure, you may be irritable on some days, but are you sure those days consistently fall within the PMS time frame?

Chapters focus on treating your symptoms with simple, natural solutions. Adding protein and exercise, avoiding sugar binges and alcohol, and training yourself with relaxation techniques can bring impressive results with far fewer negative side effects than prescription medications - PMS relief.

Natural Woman Natural Menopause by Marcus Laux, Christine Conrad

...reveals some of the natural methods that can relieve the debilitating effects of menopause...discusses diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and plant-derived hormones for PMS relief.

A Woman's Guide to Natural Hormones by Christine Conrad

Provides women of all ages a comprehensive guide to understanding natural hormones. Discusses how they work in the body and which ones should be used. Topics include risk of breast cancer, PMS, midlife weight gain, synthetic HRT drugs, and more for PMS relief.

Dr. Susan Lark's Premenstrual Syndrome Self-Help Book: A Woman's Guide to Feeling Good All Month by Susan M. Lark

A woman's guide to feeling good all month. The first and still the best all-natural master plan for relieving over 150 symptoms of PMS and PMS relief.

Once a Month: Understanding and Treating PMS by Katharina Dalton, Wendy Holton

Surveys show that 75 percent of women experience some aspect of PMS. This new edition of Once a Month discusses the most common symptoms, offers self-help strategies, and includes new information on the effects of PMS on osteoporosis - PMS relief.

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