Which osteoporosis medication is best for you? Which supplements for osteoporosis are best for you?

Are you looking for osteoporosis medication?
Thinning of bone tissue and excessive loss of bone density over time is how you define osteoporosis, and men and women are more likely to develop this hormone imbalance symptom as they age.

The best osteoporosis medication and solution for men and women is exercise, calcium supplements, daily women's vitamins/supplements for osteoporosis and natural progesterone supplementation.

Osteoporosis usually accelerates during menopause, but for some women, it could begin 20 years prior to menopause - when they begin to experience hormone imbalance, progesterone deficiency and after hysterectomy.

Women that smoke cigarettes, do not exercise, are very thin, drink too much alcohol, have a poor diet and are deficient in vitamin D, calcium and magnesium - are likely to have osteoporosis and need osteoporosis medication.

Progressive degenerative bone disease where women (and men) experience bone loss and decreasing bone density, causing the bones in their body to become porous, spongy and lighter, is how you also define osteoporosis.

Most of our bones stay healthy and strong when bone resorption and new bone formation stay balanced and constant. During the years we are growing up, new bone formation is more active and dominant - after puberty, the process becomes more balanced.

According to Dr. John R. Lee - What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause when you have osteoporosis, more bone is being resorbed and not as much new bone is being formed - this is caused by progesterone deficiency in the body.

If you add bioidentical natural progesterone supplementation, this will increase bone density and it can reverse osteoporosis.

Natural progesterone supplementation is your best osteoporosis medication and is not chemically altered.

Natural progesterone cream has very positive benefits for hormone imbalance symptoms and women have been using it safely for the last 40 years.

Natural progesterone has no side effects when used correctly in dosages similar to the body's normal production.

Bioidentical hormones and supplements for osteoporosis will correct hormone imbalance, they will allow you to have more energy, correct osteoporosis and support memory health. You may find you are able to sleep better and be less irritable plus many other gynecological benefits that will support your health.

Taking a high quality broad-spectrum nutritional womens vitamin supplement for osteoporosis will help with hormone imbalance in men and women and should be taken on a regular basis to help ensure that your body has enough of the nutrients needed to perform and function the way it is supposed to.

This high quality women's premium vitamins will improve your sense of wellbeing, give you more energy, improve your eyesight, will give you sharper and clear brain, reduce allergies, give you stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system... and much more.

Men and women should take vitamins. Today we are subjected to environmental pollutants, pesticides and industrial pollutants that can affect your health. Taking good "Total Balance Vitamins" will give you the extra health insurance to stay healthier and have more energy.

Osteoporosis treatment should also include a daily supplement of calcium citrate, magnesium taurate, vitamin D and 2,000 mg of vitamin C.

Osteoporosis medication and how you define osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a debilitating and progressive disease where the bones become more porous, spongy and weaker over time - symptoms of osteoporosis are loss of height and an increasing amount of frailty - this is how you define osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis medication sold by the pharmaceuticals and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis are:

Bisphosphonates osteoporosis

• Alendronate Sodium - called Fosamax
• Ibandronate Sodium - called Boniva
• Risedronate Sodium - called Actonel

Side effects for bisphosphonates osteoporosis are nausea, heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal and abdominal problems, ulceration of the esophagus, chest pain and possible visual disturbances...

Contact your doctor if some of these side effects worsen with bisphosphonates osteoporosis.

Calcitonin - Miacalcin®, Calcimar® or Fortical® are osteoporosis medications. This osteoporosis medication is only available as nasal spray or injection and the side effects include nasal irritation, backache, bloody nose, and headaches.

Raloxifene - Evista is osteoporosis medication. Side effects are hot flashes and deep vein thrombosis.

Parathyroid Hormone - Fortéo® is osteoporosis medication. Side effects include nausea, leg cramps and dizziness.

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