There ARE natural therapies for osteoarthritis proven by clinical studies to work...

Yes, natural treatment osteoarthritis alternatives to Bextra, Vioxx and Celebrex exist that have clinical studies supporting their performance! The information below describes what these natural therapies for osteoarthritis are.

After the article, generalized osteoarthritis symptoms, primary and secondary osteoarthritis and related issues are covered.

Osteoarthritis is a debilitating and extremely painful condition that involves progressive degeneration of the cartilage that protects the bones in the joint.

It's one of the most common forms of arthritis with an approximate 27 million people suffering from the ailment.

Unfortunately, the only remedial options available involves NSAID's (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen) that only provide temporary relief and have undesirable side effects.

On the other hand, double blind, placebo-controlled studies conducted to analyze the impact of a naturally occurring substance glucosamine sulfate used in combination with MSM showed promising results in several studies. The treatment option first came to light in Europe.

Physicians in Spain, France and other European nations were quick to realize the role of glucosamine sulfate in alleviating osteoarthritis pain, helping to prevent further degeneration of the cartilage and even aiding in tissue repair.

Today, however, most physicians will only prescribe conventional medication for controlling osteoarthritis if glucosamine sulfate fails to yield the desired results. In order to understand the impact of glucosamine sulfate, it is imperative to understand how osteoarthritis is caused.

What is osteoarthritis and how is it caused?

The onset of osteoarthritis can be attributed to the body's inability to produce glucosamine. In the absence of this substance, collagen levels in the system deteriorate.

Since collagen is the building block of the protein in the cartilage, any deficiency proves detrimental to the health of the joints.

As the cushioning of cartilage wears down, the bones start rubbing against each other every time a person moves, resulting in a very painful condition.

This in turn leads to inactivity which further aggravates the ailment.

Unfortunately, for several decades, the primary form of treatment to tackle osteoarthritis was to control the pain through OTC and prescription painkillers.

However, with the discovery of the orally active form of glucosamine sulfate, it was found that the depleted glucosamine and collagen levels in the body can be restored.

Glucosamine Sulfate and how it can help in the fight against osteoarthritis...

The currently available preparations containing glucosamine sulfate are manufactured through the use of chitin found in processed crab, shrimp and lobster shells.

The compound is a derivative of the naturally occurring aminomonosaccharide glucosamine, the form of glucosamine found in the synovial fluid and the cartilage.

A dose of 1500 to 2500 mg per day for a period of 6 to 8 weeks helps to soothe the inflamed joints and results in the rebuilding of the cartilage.

The most notable result of a 3 year randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study conducted on 200 patients was that unlike NSAIDs and other corticosteroids, glucosamine sulfate supplementation actually retards the progression of osteoarthritis and even reverses it in most cases, remarkably reducing the pain associated with the ailment.

As a matter of fact, patients who used glucosamine sulfate experienced greater long term reduction in pain than users of drugs such as Ibuprofen. Also, glucosamine does not cause any of the potentially dangerous side effects associated with the long term use of NSAIDs.

The role of MSM in glucosamine sulfate treatment...

MSM, a naturally occurring nutrient in a variety of edible items, is known to enhance the efficacy of glucosamine supplementation therapy. MSM - methylsulfonylmethane or dimethyl sulfine - is an organic, sulfur based compound commonly found in grains, vegetables and fruits.

The compound has strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it very potent against osteoarthritis. When used in combination with glucosamine sulfate supplementation, it helps to heal the joints and reduces pain by inhibiting the pain impulse along the nerves.

MSM is also found to be effective against other ligament and orthopedic concerns including conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis and other ailments caused due to repetitive strain injury. The substance is non toxic and safe.

A peer review published in the Clinical Drug Investigation stated that when used as part of a combination therapy with glucosamine sulfate, the compound helps to increase the mobility of the joints faster, aids in reducing swelling and inflammation and accentuates the overall results derived from glucosamine sulfate supplementation therapy. The recommended dosage of MSM is 2 to 8 grams per day.

Is it OK to take OTC preparations containing glucosamine sulfate?

While the compound is known to be safe and non toxic, some studies have pointed to the fact that it increases the blood sugar levels in animals, so some medical practitioners suggest that it may not be suitable for diabetics.

However, some other clinical trials have revealed that the low glycemic index of the substance means that there will be no side effects as long as the compound is used in its recommended dosage. However, like all other forms of supplementation, it would be best to consult with your physician before using any product.

Another concern with the use of OTC glucosamine sulfate preparations is that most of these products have not been approved by the FDA, so as a consumer there is no way for you to ascertain the veracity of the claims made by the manufacturers of these products. Hence, it is recommended that you only purchase preparations that have been manufactured by reputable establishments.

Taking supplements should be no reason to go off your current regimen of medication, diet and exercise.

Although glucosamine sulfate is one of the most efficacious forms of supplementation for osteoarthritis, it does not reduce the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise which are an integral part of osteoarthritis management.

Also, the supplement may not be appropriate for everyone. For instance, it is not suitable for pregnant women and should only be taken under medical supervision by those who suffer from other chronic ailments.

Discussing your interest in supplements with your physician is of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of glucosamine sulfate therapy.

Contrary to popular belief, many physicians are open to alternative forms of treatment that will help their patients without interfering with prescription medication. If you experience any side effects, get in touch with your doctor immediately to rule out the role of the supplement in the issue.

What's the difference in primary and secondary osteoarthritis?

Secondary osteoarthritis in general refers to the degenerative disease of the synovial joints that has resulted from a prior condition such as an injury or other trauma.

This trauma negatively affects the articular cartilage and/or subchondral bone of the affected joints. Secondary osteoarthritis often occurs in younger people.

Primary osteoarthritis is the broad term usually related to the condition occurring in joints for no apparent reason such as a prior trauma or injury. Primary osteoarthritis is age-related, occurring in older individuals, especially in persons over 50.

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The osteoarthritis generalized definition and primary generalized osteoarthritis symptoms relate to familial and quite often premature (under the age of 50) development of nodes.

In addition, there can be degeneration of the articular cartilage of one or more other joints, such as the first carpometacarpal joints, knee joints, hip joints and spine.

Generalized osteoarthritis symptoms are most frequently the occurrence of deep, achy joint pain that is made worse with extensive joint use. The joints most often affected are the hands. Other joints affected can include the knee and hip joints and spine articulations.

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Osteoarthritis medial knee pain can be the result of developing primary osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis medial pain can be made worse with the use of the knee joint - the knee and osteoarthritis and exercise do not go well together.

Osteo arthritis morning stiffness and osteo arthritis morning tightness are common conditions experienced by sufferers.

Natural therapies for osteoarthritis, natural treatment information and natural and alternative healing for osteoarthritis are common internet searches and should be considered.

The treatment approach combining natural and osteoarthritis and alternative healing has been established by clinical trials. There are nutrients that may be able to help you remedy osteoarthritis.

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