Omega 3 controlled studies establish health benefits for Omega 3 fish oil...

Omega 3 controlled studies establish important health benefits for Omega 3 fish oil supplementation! What are the Omega 3 fish oil studies that establish fish oil supplementation's health benefits?

Here are the health issues that are clinically proven to be improved by fish oil supplementation:

• Cardiovascular benefits
• Improves the function of the brain
• Allergies
• Skin disorders and skin health
• Arthritis, gout
• Diabetes
• Immune system health
• Vision function
• Inflammation of the bowels

Here is additional information on Omega-3 controlled studies and health benefits of fish oil supplementation.

Go here for Omega 3 controlled studies information.

Fish oil and studies definitely have established fish oil's benefits that occur with regular fish consumption and fish oil supplementation.

After reading the Omega 3 controlled studies on fish oil's benefits, where do you obtain high-quality fish oil?

As editors of, we regularly take Xtend's quality fish oil supplement. WHY?

SIMPLE! Xtend is a high-quality supplier that obtains cold-water fish oil from the clean ocean waters and processes it locally without it being hauled in ocean tankers. This results in harvesting and producing the maximum purity fish oil possible.

Fish oils provide DHA and EPA in a natural form that your body can easily assimilate. No conversion is required by the body. The problem can be - fish oil can come from cold-water fish that contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants.

Ordinarily, fish oil is transported in tankers to the processing plants, since the processing plants are in different countries from where the fish is caught. Then it's processed to remove impurities and additives are put in it to keep it from becoming rancid.

However, Xtend's fish oil comes from the Hoki fish that's harvested near New Zealand and the fish oil is processed locally, meaning that this high-quality fish oil comes to you directly without being transported in ocean tankers.

Take a moment and read the important information that the website includes as part of their description about the Omega 3 controlled studies.

This is the fish oil supplement that we, the editors of, take every day along with their Total Balance for Women nutritional supplement or the Total Balance for Men daily supplement.

Their fish oil comes from the fish found in the cleanest waters in the world - the Southern Ocean. And the Hoki fish oil that they use has naturally high levels of DHA, which is the essential fatty acid proven to be so beneficial for cardiovascular and brain health.

Check out the information on the health benefits of cold-water fish oil - all proven by the Omega-3 controlled studies that are listed on this website.

High-quality Green Lipped Mussels Powder and Omega 3 fish oil from pure ocean waters.

Quality cold-water green lipped mussels powder with Omega 3 fish oil gives you significant health benefits. You can claim your benefits today!

Green-lipped mussels – like most other shellfish and molluscs - lose their nutritional value very quickly once they’re cooked or even frozen.

What this means is that while you may enjoy the taste of the mussel as a meal, its nutritional benefits are very limited.

Green lipped mussels powder - together with Omega-3 DHA fish oil supplements - can help improve joint inflammation and increase joint lubrication.

It is also helpful if you suffer from...

• Mild arthritic pain
• Progressive aches and pains
• Stiffness when using your hands
• Inflamed or swollen joints
• Improves blood flow and circulation
• Increases resistance to viral and bacterial infections

Omega-3 fatty acids also can help you lower blood pressure slightly, reduce serum triglycerides, improve diabetes symptoms, depression and brain function.

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