Obesity and weight loss can be achieved, if you make the correct nutrition changes.

Obesity weight loss is defined when your body mass index (BMI) exceeds a certain percentage, according to the US National Institute of Health. Whether or not a person is considered to be overweight or not can be measured by using your height and body weight.

The reasons for obesity in America are the subject of many studies and news reports today. The normal percentage of body fat is 25% to 30% in women and 18% to 23% in men. Women that register over 30% of body fat and men with 25% of body fat are considered obese.

The best way to find out if you are overweight is to calculate your body mass index using yourweight and your height.

A little over the 'average' isn't too much of a problem, but could soon develop into something more serious. Obesity weight loss is possible with some correct choices.

To calculate your BMI (body mass index), make the following calculation:

Take your weight in kilograms, then divide your weight by your height in meters x your height in meters = BMI

Example of BMI calculation where weight = 65 kilos and height = 1.65 meters. Take the weight of 65 kilograms, divide it by (1.65 meters x 1.65 meters)= 23.87 BMI

• 1- If you want to convert your weight to kilograms, take your weight in pounds number and divide it by 2.2

• 2- To convert height in inches to meters, take the height in inches number and divide it by 39.4

There are numerous reasons for obesity in America and other industrialized countries. A serious health condition exists in the situation where a persons weight is above or far beyond the standard.

Generally this is due to elevated fat content in the individual because of overeating, or in many instances merely not eating the correct foods.

Struggling with obesity weight loss is quite common in the United States and one of the nations biggest killers. Obesity in America is also one of the leading causes of many other diseases in North America and other Western countries.

Diabetes is another killer that plagues our country. It isn't difficult to see that obesity can actually be one of the causes of diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex illness because it prevents your body from changing food into energy. If one can eliminate the problem of obesity, then perhaps the problem of diabetes can be eliminated for good.

Cardiovascular disease is another major killer attributed to obesity in America and other industrialized countries. The heavier the body is, the harder the heart will need to work to supply more blood to the entire body.

Trans fats and sugars are particularly bad in contributing to obesity, so you should do your best to eliminate 'trans fats' from your diet immediately. Most soda pop contains a great deal of sugar and calories. The biggest temptation of all and also one of the easiest ways to become obese is by becoming addicted to sugar.

Most foods we buy in the supermarket like, pizza, breads, crackers, sodas, hot dogs, canned soups, canned vegetables, mayonnaise, ketchup and much more...all contain sugar. Regular consumption is one of the reasons for obesity in America.

Greasy food is another thing that you want to avoid as it is full of fats that the body doesn't really need. Fast foods and processed foods are some of the reasons for obesity in America and industrialized countries.

One other major cause of obesity is what researchers have called a 'sedentary lifestyle' which is essentialy the typical American lifestyle of watching TV, playing computer games or working most of the day with little or no exercise, not even a brief walk.

People use elevators and escalators instead of the stairs, they use their car for a great deal of tasks instead of walking. Daily exercise will help you with obesity weight loss.

Changing your lifestyle might be the key to acheiving obesity weight loss. At times, all that it takes for someone to lose weight is to merely start being active.

This can be anything as simple as taking a thirty minute walk every day to joining a small neighborhood sports team.

A typical habit of the sedentary lifestyle is to sit in front of the television and snack. Snacks can actually be healthy and nutritious and not the unhealthy snacks that provide excess calorie that do nothing positive for the body.

Instead of eating a bag of chips as a snack, for instance, try having a sliced apple with peanut butter or perhaps some mixed nuts.

Also please try to snack in moderation. Even if you are eating healthy food, eating too much of it too frequently will also help to pack on the pounds.

With so many ways to enjoy obesity weight loss, some people actually have a genetic predisposition to becoming overweight.

Genes controlling appetite in these individuals are stimulated irregularly, so it is important to fight the craving to eat. Try to eat several smaller meals spaced out throughout the day.

You may be surprised to find out that certain mental illnesses actually contribute to the risk of becoming obese. These illnesses may include depression, bulimia nervosa and even bi-polar disorder. Again, this is not to say that these illnesses absolutely contribute to obesity, although they do raise the risk for becoming obese.

Also, it is possible to be addicted to food, a real condition called 'Compulsive Overeating'. Remember when dealing with psychological disorders, it may be best to consult a health care professional.

Use the information on this website to better understand obesity weight loss, nutrition health and related issues.

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