You can use this nutrient that is clinically-proven for naturally lowering cholesterol levels...

For lowering cholesterol naturally, a clinically-proven naturally lowering cholesterol levels nutrient should be used. You are probably well aware of the dangers and risks that come with high cholesterol levels.

And when you see the side effects that come with the various Statin drugs, you have reason to want a safer lowering cholesterol naturally alternative that truly works.

The diet approach as a natural cholesterol treatment can help somewhat but is limited. The problem is - only 20-25% of the body's cholesterol comes from diet while 75-80% of it is made in the body by the liver.

That's how the statin drugs work, by changing liver function for lowering cholesterol production, which is NOT naturally lowering cholesterol.

However, the statin drugs are mildly toxic to the liver and may have side effects. The side effects for Lipitor, for example, include diarrhea, cramping, fever, tiredness, myalgia and constipation.

And more seriously, the statin drugs can reduce the production of CO-Q10, which is essential for heart health. Lower CO-Q10 levels have been associated with increased congestive heart failure risk!

You have every reason for wanting a safe, proven by legitimate studies naturally lowering cholesterol levels treatment. There IS a natural treatment for lowering cholesterol that has numerous clinical studies and trials that establish its effectiveness...and safety.

This name of this nutrient is policosanol.
This natural cholesterol treatment is the extract from sugar cane wax. There have been more studies and trials carried out on this nutrient than for most pharmaceutical drugs over the last decade.

Policosinol safely and effectively lowers cholesterol!
The ability of this naturally lowerng cholesterol substance in reducing the levels of LDL (the un-healthy form) and raising HDL (good form) is well-established by the studies.

And in addition to its effectiveness, it has been proven in long term trials to be free of side effects! Policosanol works by itself as one of the most effective high cholesterol natural treatments for lowering cholesterol. And it performs even better when it's combined with certain other nutrients.

Want to see the studies of the natural treatment of high cholesterol nutrient called policosanol? Use the link below to go to the U.S. government National Library of Medicine's natural treatments for lowering cholesterol with policosanol.

You can even print out this list and give it to your doctor. Want to know more? Read on...

How much does the naturally lowering cholesterol substance policosanol reduce this unhealthy substance in the body?

Policosanol's lowering cholesterol ability equals or exceeds the statin drugs and without the side effects! An article published in the American Heart Journal reported that doses of 10 to 20 mg of policosanol per day resulted in:

• Lowering total cholesterol up to 21%
• Lowering LDL up to 29%
• Raising HDL up to 15%

Daily doses of policosanol in the ranges of 5-40 mg per day have been studied. At dosages of up to 20 mg per day, policosanol is safe and well-tolerated, as studies of greater than three years of therapy indicate. Other studies have safely used 40 mg a day.

Are high cholesterol natural treatments for lowering cholesterol levels using policosanol expensive?

With the statin drugs costing from $70 to $100 a month, the natural treatment of high cholesterol with policosanol costs about $30 a month. Remember, the ideal naturally lowering cholesterol treatments should have these characteristics:

• it would lower total blood cholesterol
• it would lower LDL
• it would raise HDL
• it would lower blood triglycerides
• it would have no side effects

The natural treatment of the high cholesterol nutrient policosanol does ALL of these... inexpensively and without side effects!

Over 85 studies of over 30,000 persons have established its performance without any doubt! Take care of your health using this natural proven supplement 'policosanol'.

Here's a quality source of policosanol that's in this natural treatment of high cholesterol formula.

This product is a combination of all natural ingredients designed to safely and effectively help lower the bad LDL and raise the good HDL.

Unlike most natural supplements, the two main nutrients used in this formula have been subject to numerous clinical trials. A number of the other ingredients used in this formula have also been subjected to many studies to establish their efficacy.

It is a practical alternative to the statin cholesterol lowering drugs with their dangerous side effects. This formula is a potent and reliable natural option for helping normalize and naturally lowering cholesterol levels...safely.

This formulation uses ingredients which have been proven conclusively to assist in naturally lowering cholesterol. It also contains substances that have been shown to assist in lowering levels of both triglycerides and homocysteine.

These two substances are related to increased risk of heart disease when levels are elevated. Also included are nutrients which help strengthen the heart muscles such as CoQ10 (none of them will raise your blood sugar levels.)

To better understand why this product is so effective, you can review an explanation of the main ingredients. This can be done by selecting 'Ingredients' on the website.

However, before you do, you may wish to review some clinical trials on just one of the ingredients... policosanol. As with most professional synergistic supplements, the efficacy of the combined substances are often greater than when taken individually. Take some time and review the clinical information included on the cholesterol lowering formula website.

What about hormones and high cholesterol?

For many years in the 80's and 90's, the use of estrogen hormones and high cholesterol treatment was the norm.

The results of the 2002 Women's Health Initiative showed INCREASED health risks for women that were given synthetic estrogen supplementation.

Using estrogen hormones and high cholesterol treatment causes increased risk of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, hypertension, depression, and loss of sex drive according to Dr. John R. Lee, Harvard-trained family physician.

Using natural progesterone supplementation is the recommended approach to take, according to Dr. Lee. And the reason is - natural progesterone balances and slows the cell-proliferation characteristics of excessive estrogen.

For more information on natural progesterone and hormone imbalance, click on the buttons on the left of this page above.If you have been searching online for a dietary supplement lowering cholesterol naturally nutrient or a naturally lowering my cholesterol product - use policosinol. You CAN lower your cholesterol naturally - safely and effectively!

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