Is There a Natural Alternative to HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy?

YES there is a natural alternative to HRT! Modern medicine is finally starting to realize that there is a natural alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

But why should a woman need a natural alternative to HRT? Many women have been taking synthetic HRT for years, to deal with menopausal changes in life - yes?

Answer: Only recently have there been studies which included large enough numbers of women for reliable results. These studies showed that synthetic HRT had SERIOUS health risks for the woman taking these medications.

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If you are considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help you with premenopause and menopause symptoms, think twice... review the womens health bookstore first before you make your final decision.

Read for yourself how these physicians have already helped thousands improve their health SAFELY with "bio-identical" hormone replacement therapy.

Natural progesterone supplementation or BHRT contributes a great deal to your health in general and according to Dr Uzzi Reiss against cancer specifically. Natural progesterone supplementation also improves your immune system and slows or eliminates the estrogen dominance symptoms.

Check out other pages on this site that interest you... you should understand how "Hormone Imbalance" happens and how estrogen and progesterone "need" each other in your body.

Dr. John Lee was in family practice for 30 years and is one of the leading advocates of using a more safe, natural alternative to HRT.

One of those studies you SHOULD READ is linked to this website. To better understand synthetic hormone replacement therapy and the risks, go to this womens health website called the Women's Health Initiative for more information.

By contrast, the safe, effective, and natural alternative to HRT that more and more doctors recommend is the non-prescription hormone supplement Natural Progesterone.

Not to be confused with the synthetic hormones such as Provera, natural progesterone is identical to what the female body makes primarily in the ovaries following ovulation.

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So - go back and order. We'll wait......

Or here's ANOTHER reason to buy one or more of Dr. Lee's books!

Be sure to review the information on this site on "hormone imbalance" to better understand the best natural alternatives to HRT.

One other vital hormone in the woman's body is estrogen. Progesterone BALANCES estrogen in the body, and YOU need BOTH!

The first step in the solution is supplementation with NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM.

As a natural alternative to HRT, natural progesterone has proven to be very effective in balancing women's hormones and reducing menopause symptoms.

Find a natural alternative to HRT and eliminate your symptoms of hormone imbalance.

• 1 - Women should take daily multivitamins against nutritional deficiencies, to improve sense of wellbeing, improve your sexual performance and the best natural alternatives to HRT.

Taking a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral formula, essential fatty acids formulation and a calcium - magnesium formula is a good idea for women in their 20’s and older.

The classic symptoms of premenopause and menopause are signs that your body isn’t getting the support it needs.

• 2 - Balance your hormones yourself. Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and has no known side effects. Women have been using it safely for the last 40 years.

The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM. Just apply it directly to your skin, and from there it's absorbed into the underlying fat layer.

Then, the natural progesterone can be absorbed into the blood stream on a continuous basis as the body needs it.

Massage 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cream twice daily to any of the following areas: hands, belly, inner arms, neck, face, thighs, buttocks and breasts until absorbed, alternating application sites.

Use for 21 days or as needed. Discontinue for 7 days (when you are having your period) and repeat every month. Review or order this natural alternative to HRT from recommended suppliers of natural progesterone supplementation cream.

Natural progesterone is typically produced by a woman's ovaries in the normal monthly menstrual cycle - assuming there's ovulation. Natural progesterone's presence in the body is important for many important reasons.

Natural progesterone balances - and CONTROLS - estrogen and its actions.

Estrogen promotes cell growth, and natural progesterone keeps that growth from going farther than is either necessary or healthy.

If you DON'T have a suitable amount of natural progesterone in your body, your estrogen is NOT balanced, and NOT controlled. And unbalanced estrogen is NOT HEALTHY!

When do you need estrogen?

Well, the most common menopause symptoms that can indicate the need for estrogen supplementation are hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Review here natural estrogen sources.

The OTHER good news is that there's a "Natural Estrogen" available to you for an estrogen natural alternative to HRT! For natural hormone replacement therapy for estrogen, in the books listed above, Dr. Lee recommends supplementation with estriol.

Estriol is one of the three estrogens produced in humans, the other two being estradiol and estrone. Estriol is the safest estrogen.

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