These natural ways to lower cholesterol really can really work...and knowing how to lower cholesterol naturally can add years to ones life...

If you are looking for natural ways to lower cholesterol, you are in the right place. All of those Cheerios commercials that attempt to show you how to lower cholesterol naturally make it sound like a simple, pleasurable task!

If controlling cholesterol levels were as simple as eating a particular type of cereal each morning, there would be no need for consuming billions of dollars worth of statin drugs each year!

Unfortunately, millions of people have been ordered by their doctors to get their cholesterol levels under control or face serious health consequences.

Learning more about natural ways to lower cholesterol can add years to ones life if healthy levels can truly be achieved. And statin drugs definitely have health risks.

The first thing you have to do if you have cholesterol levels approaching or already within the danger zone is to realize that not all cholesterol is bad for you.

Your body does need some cholesterol in order to function properly, but there are two different types, popularly known as "good" and "bad" cholesterol.

The bad type is the LDL variety which is commonly found in high fat fried foods. This type of cholesterol is dangerous when it gets too high because it becomes too thick in the bloodstream and begins to collect on the inner walls of the arteries.

With time, this slows or blocks the flow of blood to the heart which can lead to a heart attack, stroke or long term heart disease.

The good cholesterol is called HDL and this one should be as high as possible. Lower levels of HDL can actually create health problems if levels are too low.

The worst case scenario is to have low HDL and high LDL cholesterol, since the good cholesterol's main purpose is to control the levels of bad cholesterol.

When beginning to implement natural ways to lower cholesterol, it is important not only to lower the bad cholesterol but to elevate the levels of the good type so as to strike a healthy balance between the two.

So, how do you lower cholesterol naturally without going on dangerous statin drugs?

Dietary Changes That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

One thing to do in order to have a healthy cholesterol ratio is make adjustments to what you are eating. This is not like going on a crash diet to slim down and look hot on the beach.

If you are at risk of heart disease or have cholesterol numbers that are out of control, then this is about eating for better health so you limit the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Natural ways to lower cholesterol includes starting by making simple substitutions of healthy oils and unsaturated fats for the high saturated fats, trans fats and oils that you may typically eat.

For instance, use extra virgin olive oils in place of vegetable and other oils. Use cooking spray in the pan rather than coating it with actual oil. Read labels and stop buying anything that lists 'partially hydrogenated' on the label.

Fat is much like cholesterol. Your body needs some fat but only the good kinds.

If you have a sweet tooth, try to substitute fresh fruit or berries with fat free whipped topping in place of sugary, fatty desserts. The more saturated fat you can remove from your diet, the better off you will be.

So consider limiting red meat to lean cuts once or twice a week and filling in the rest of your meals with lean options such as white meat turkey and chicken or vegetarian and soy variations of your favorite meals.

Plant sterols have proven beneficial to lower cholesterol naturally, so start eating more vegetables.

And consuming fatty fish like wild salmon several times a month will also help, since omega 3 fatty acids have proven beneficial to cholesterol control (limit the consumption of farmed salmon due to unhealthy levels of toxins they typically contain).

Lifestyle Changes That Are Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Depending on what you do on a daily basis right now, you may need to make changes in your lifestyle if you want to improve your health.

It has been scientifically proven that as people age, more physical activity equals a longer and happier life span. While noting that, do not let this scare or overwhelm you. Small changes add up over time and do make a difference.

Start by adding more activity into your life. Make a point to get outside every day if at all possible, even if it is just to walk around the garden or water plants.

Get your body moving in some way and it will gradually lead into more and more activity as you grow stronger.

Exercise can be built into your daily life so it is not a hassle, but something you just automatically do at a certain time every day.

You can start walking one lap around the block or riding for one mile on a stationary bike in your living room and gradually increase your intensity or distance each week.

Or maybe it means walking during the workplace lunch hour. Before you know it, your cholesterol levels will be balancing out, your doctor will be happy, and you will feel better every day.

If you are strong and able to do even more, by all means go for it!

Health Supplements As Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

It is clear that many health-conscious people do not want to go on statin drugs with the health risks that they can present.

If you change your lifestyle to include more activity and regular exercise and change the types of food you are eating, you should start seeing positive changes in your cholesterol numbers. Yet, for many people, extra help will be needed to attain lower cholesterol levels naturally.

For example, if you do not enjoy eating fish or find it difficult to get in higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids on a regular basis, consider one of the high-quality natural ways to lower cholesterol supplements that does not include the metals and other toxins which may be found in many fresh fish options today.

Consider an all natural supplement which contains other ingredients as well which are proven to increase healthier HDL levels while decreasing LDL levels.

There are really good ones available which can be just as effective as taking a statin drug but without the risk. Go here for one of the best natural ways to lower cholesterol supplement.

The best way to lower cholesterol levels naturally and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack is to combine all of these natural ways to lower cholesterol into a new lifestyle.

Not only will your heart thank you with a longer life, but you will enjoy more energy and feel better physically than you have in years.

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