What are the best natural menopause remedies and menopause natural remedies to reduce and eliminate menopause symptoms?

There are several natural menopause remedies and menopause natural remedies that help reduce and stop the symptoms of hormone imbalance and menopause:

• damiana leaf (turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca),
• wild yam root (dioscorea villosa),
• partridge berry leaf (mitchella repens),
• black cohosh root (cimicifuga racemosa),
• cramp bark (viburnum opulus),
• dong quai root (angelica sinensis),
• evening primrose seed (oenothera biennis),
• flax seed (linum usitatissimum),
• burdock (arctium),
• chaste tree berry (vitex),
• and motherwort (leonurus).

These would be considered menopause natural remedies and menopause natural relief substances. And more than one of these can be considered a natural remedy for menopause hot flashes.

Hormone imbalance is defined as the incorrect relationship of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. Each of these hormones has a role to play in everyday life.

But to have one without the other to "balance" it - or to "oppose" it - is to invite trouble. Women often begin to have premenopause symptoms and look for natural remedies menopause in their early 30's.

At this time the levels of progesterone go down, creating the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. When this imbalance occurs, women become estrogen dominant plus begin to experience health problems and unpleasant menopause symptoms.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Norman Shealy, to reduce and stop hormone imbalance, you should use menopause natural remedies and natural remedies menopause for the best results:

• 1- Use natural progesterone cream supplementation twice daily to eliminate premenopause symptoms which is the best of the natural menopause remedies.

Correcting the progesterone side of hormone imbalance is best done by using natural progesterone cream supplementation.

This cream is "bio-identical", which means that this natural hormone is the same as what the body makes.

Bioidentical hormones are safer than the synthetic drugs, with few or no side effects, more effective and with greater protective benefits. Natural progesterone supplementation should be the FIRST of the natural menopause remedies for menopause natural relief of symptoms.

• 2- Use natural estrogen supplementation as a natural remedy for menopause hot flashes, night sweats, memory lapses, bone loss, urinary tract infections and vaginal dryness.

If you are postmenopausal or if you have had a hysterectomy, you should also be using natural estogen cream supplementation (estriol cream). Dr. Lee recommends that estrogen cream supplementation should not be used unless you are using natural progesterone cream.

Alfalfa, anise, black cohosh, dong quai, flaxseed, garlic, hops, sesame and yellow dock are also natural menopause remedies with "estrogen like" qualities. These can be considered herbal HRT natural menopause substances, menopause natural remedies and natural remedies menopause.

Lifestyle changes that correct hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms

• 3- In addition to natural menopause remedies, natural remedies to relieve vaginal atrophy in menopause and a natural remedy for menopause hot flashes discussed above, taking a quality multiple vitamin/mineral supplement makes sense.

Review high-quality multivitamins and minerals for men and women for improved health, increased energy and sharper mental health.

• 4- A well-balanced diet for women is strongly recommended - women who eat cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna (3 times a week), organic meat and poultry, whole grains, fruits and vegetables tend to live longer and have healthier lives.

Make gradual changes in your daily diet. If you drink sodas daily, try to reduce and avoid them as much as possible. Try to reduce the amount of saturated fats and refined sugars - foods like cola drinks, alcohol, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, candy and pizza.

These foods may give you quick energy, but they give you very few nutrients and you probably will end up having a craving for more of these foods. Learn more about the health benefits of fish oil and omega-3.

• 5- Increasing your physical activity with exercise is important to help correct hormone imbalance symptoms.

Exercise has several benefits including reducing stress levels, helping you control your weight, improving sleep, reducing depression, reducing risk of heart attack and lowering blood pressure.

A regular daily regimen of at least 30–45 minutes of brisk bicycling or using a treadmill, stair climber, strider, bicycle or any other fitness equipment will reduce your risks of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes.

You’ll be amazed at how invigorating it can be to exercise. Aerobic exercises are important for women because it elevates your heart rate, giving your heart and lungs a good workout.

Exercise is a great natural menopause remedy. As should be the case with any new exercise routine, check with your doctor and start out slowly in the beginning.

• 6- Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is CRUCIAL to clear waste and toxins from your body. It also lowers your levels of histamines, which will reduce your allergy symptoms, water retention, and help prevent kidney stones and dehydration.

Water lowers concentrations of various toxins and makes their effects much less critical. Water is your best inner cleanser and can certainly be considered one of the natural menopause remedies...learn more about the importance of using a quality water filter for your health.

Products for hormone imbalance, natural remedies to relieve vaginal atrophy in menopause and natural remedy for menopause hot flashes

Remifemin Menopause Herbal Supplement, available with 60 or 120 tablets each Natural Remedies to Relieve Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause

• Remifemin menopause is a natural formula that reduces symptoms and hormone imbalance associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

• Remifemin is natural remedies to relieve vaginal atrophy in menopause and natural remedy for menopause hot flashes.

Oona Herbal Supplement for Menopause with Black Cohosh & Vitex, Tablets 96 each Natural Menopause Remedies

• Oona is a herbal supplement that addresses the most troublesome symptoms of menopause.

• Oona uses a combination of black cohosh and chaste tree berry and it is the perfect menopause natural remedies and natural remedies menopause.

• Oona can be taken with or without meals. In women not currently taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), take an initial dosage of two (2) tablets three times daily for a period of 10-14 days or until symptoms diminish. Follow this with a maintenance dose of one (1) tablet two to four times daily.

• Oona quickly restores a woman's delicate hormone balance and addresses a wide range of symptoms that include hot flashes, night sweats, breast tenderness, heavy bleeding, mood swings and more - natural remedies to relieve vaginal atrophy in menopause, a natural remedy for menopause hot flashes.

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