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Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones produced by the body. Both are produced in the ovaries, but the production of progesterone declines as women begin to experience anovulatory periods (having menstrual cycles without ovulation) in their early 30's or late 20's.

Without ovulation, your body does not produce enough progesterone, and most women seem unaware that the LACK OF PROGESTERONE creates hormone imbalance which can cause premenopause symptoms.

Hormone imbalance and premenopause syndrome is frequently connected to your stress levels, poor nutrition and exposure to pesticides, man-made chemicals and environmental toxins encountered daily.

Not only is progesterone deficiency common during premenopause years, but estrogen levels tend to fluctuate and become excessive called estrogen dominance.

When this occurs, you can experience unpleasant premenopause symptoms like:

• Weight gain,
• Migraines and headaches,
• Chronic fatigue,
• Clinical depression,
• Lack of concentration,
• Mood swings,
• Water retention,
• Low thyroid symptoms,
• Uterine fibroids,
• Low sex drive,
• Fibrocystic breasts,
• Losing bone density,
• Allergies and much more...,at this point you need to re-evaluate your health situation!

When women reach menopause, their progesterone levels fall effectively to zero as ovulation ceases. Estrogen declines only 40 to 60 percent at menopause.

At this point, women that don't use natural hormone therapy or natural bioidentical hormones will experience hormone imbalance in menopause and symptoms like:

• Increased body fat,
• Weight gain,
• Salt and fluid retention,
• Depression,
• Irritability, anxiety,
• Headaches, migraines,
• Low sex drive,
• Incontinence,
• Blood clotting,
• Heart disease,
• High blood pressure,
• Memory problems,
• Forgetfulness,
Hot flashes, night sweats,
• Sleep disturbances, insomnia,
• Urinary tract infections,
• Breast cancer,

Women in industrialized countries and western cultures experience more and more premenopause symptoms and hormone imbalance in menopause which means that natural bioidentical hormones, natural hormone or natural hormones benefits to relieve premenopause symptoms becomes more important than ever to solve some of your health issues.

When your estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced, you feel more alert and energetic because natural hormone or natural hormones benefits will relieve premenopause or menopause symptoms. And juggling family, career and your own needs becomes much more achievable.

USP progesterone used for natural hormone therapy and natural hormones benefits to relieve premenopause symptoms comes from plant fats and oils, which is extracted from a type of wild yam that grows in Mexico, or from soybeans. This substance is called diosgenin.

Natural bioidentical progesterone is a fat-soluble natural hormone that is easily absorbed through the skin.

From subcutaneous fat, natural progesterone is absorbed into capillary blood. Absorption is best around your face, neck, chest, breasts, inner arms and palms of the hands when using natural hormones.

Use the cream for 23 days, twice daily. Once in the morning and the other amount at night, before you go to bed. Discontinue for 5 to 7 days (when you are having your period) and repeat every month.

Make sure you always use the cream after you take a bath or shower. Apply the cream in different areas of the body each day. Don't use it in the same area all the time!!

In addition to the natural hormone balancing benefits, you'll enjoy the way natural bioidentical hormone and natural progesterone cream softens and improves your skin.

Use bioidentical hormones, high quality vitamins for women and Omega-3 fatty acids!

Total Balance Women's Premium to improve hormone imbalance in menopause, better eyesight, lower cholesterol, reduced allergies, improved sex drive and gives you healthier heart and circulatory system.

A high-quality daily supplement includes much more than just vitamins and minerals and should be used with natural hormone therapy, natural bioidentical hormones, hormone imbalance in menopause, natural hormone or natural hormones benefits to relieve premenopause symptoms.

Nutrients such as reservatrol, lycopene and DIM boost immune system strength while policosinol safely lowers unhealthy cholesterol, for example.

Take just a moment and see the specific nutrients included in this health-enhancing daily supplement created just for women's needs.

These daily women's vitamins have high potency extracts that will support the balancing of female hormones for hormone imbalance in menopause, increase energy levels, more sleep and sharper mental health.

These nutrients and daily vitamin supplements have also been established in clinical studies to help reduce PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women experiencing menopause symptoms or hormone imbalance in menopause.

Take Omega-3 fatty acids to improve your health, your skin, hair and nails and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin moisture content.

Omega-3 fish oil is a powerful antioxidant, reduces inflammation, improves your immune system, helps the health of your nervous system and it helps with arthritis symptoms.

People are surprised to find that Omega 3 fatty acids offer relief from rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's Disease, lupus and asthma, all of which are classic auto-immune diseases.

Both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are involved in the suppression and relief of various diseases with inflammatory symptoms, which include all 4 of the diseases listed above.

Importantly, both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids not only need to be in balance in the body, but must be in the proper ratio for the individual to receive the best results.

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